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Printed: Blue & White

Blue and white prints and designs have always been very striking to me.  There are such interesting backgrounds associated with blue and white motifs among various cultures. Chinoiserie and Delftware derived from the Netherlands, for example.  My mom has always had a wonderful collection of Delftware, (a lot of which came from Colonial Williamsburg) so that is very likely one reason I am drawn to blue and white prints…it’s apparently ingrained.

So, I made this dress over the summer with the intention of wearing it to a wedding but opted for a different one.  I wanted to wait until the winter to do a blog post with this dress because I thought the blue and white print would probably stand out way better with a snowy white background.




DSC_0863 DSC_0910 DSC_0896 DSC_0868 DSC_0925


Coat-Vintage Bill Blass (with altered lining)
Dress-Made by me

Sunday Errands

Sunday Errands


Chambray & Dots

This nice, mild December day provided the motivation to get out and take advantage because who knows how much longer we’ll be spoiled with this unseasonable season.  I must admit, it’s felt a little strange to omit the coat these past several days, but it has been pretty great.

The light was so interesting and beautiful today.  There were these orange-y warm tones coming from one end of the sky and dark, somber clouds on the other.  The combination made for some awesome photo opps.

DSC_0833   DSC_0869 DSC_0865

Denim shirt and polka dot dress (worn as skirt) from H&M; Jacket by Antonio Melani from Dillard’s (n/a); Belt and necklace from Anthropologie (n/a); Boots from Aldo-similar; Thrifted Dooney & Bourke cross-body.


DSC_0915 DSC_0921 DSC_0887 DSC_0866

IMG_20151214_162151244 DSC_0957 DSC_0948 DSC_0952 IMG_20151214_162700058_HDR IMG_20151214_162054476



Furry Finds

Last year I had a few posts featuring some awesome fur pieces that I’ve acquired from my mom whose Grandma worked at a furrier in her day.  I really enjoy playing around with fur coats and ponchos or shawls because being fur, they just have a way of adding so much glamour to an ensemble.  They somehow instantly make you feel like a movie star. 8)

Now I know fur can be a controversial topic.  And if you’re against real fur, faux is always an option.  I, myself opt for vintage, or secondhand furs.  The quality is usually still fantastic, the prices aren’t bad either and the way I see it, if it’s secondhand or vintage, it’s more eco-friendly than buying a real fur that’s brand spankin’ new if you want the real deal.

This particular coat I found at an awesome vintage store on the west side of Cleveland in Lakewood, at Chelsea’s Vintage Clothes and Costume.  I got it for an astounding $70, which is a real steal considering it’s real mink.  There was only a minor repair necessary on the lining before it was back to mint (or mink?) condition. ;)  Chelsea’s is a vintage treasure trove…if you’re in the area and love vintage, stop in but be prepared to spend multiple hours sifting through the endless racks of pieces from various decades.


DSC_0746 bird bath branches DSC_0773 DSC_0787 DSC_0785 DSC_0809 DSC_0857 DSC_0875  IMG_2015_f1 DSC_0819 DSC_0723

I’ve been wanting to wear these high-waisted cream pants for a while…I thrifted them for 99 cents(!) back in the fall and just haven’t worn them.  They’re kind of a medium weight wool so they’re appropriate for this time of year or maybe early spring.  I was pretty excited with the find, so I’m glad I finally found something to pair them with.

This leather purse is my most recent vintage find that I’m quite content with.  A vintage leather Coach purse from the 1970’s.  I found it for about $16 at a vintage store near Akron.  I think what excited me the most about it was when I looked inside to see the Coach stamp and number that read “Made in New York City”.  Unfortunately, that’s not often what you read on labels anymore, let alone in Coach bags.




…and the other furry find of the day… :)


Vintage fur coat-Chelsea’s Vintage and Costume in Lakewood, OH
Cream pants-Thrifted for 99 cents! :)
Kenneth Cole belt-Thrifted
Shoes-DSW clearance about a year ago
Beaded necklace-Urban Outfitters
Leather necklace-made by me
Leather purse-Vintage Coach

Stay tuned for some upcoming fur favored posts! :)

Mid Morning Meander

Sundays are often ‘lazy days’, I’d say. They’re the recoup day of the week where you should just unwind and take in any sort of inspiration that comes your way. That’s what this Sunday was…a complete relaxation day with nothing paramount to take care of. Just a day of hanging out. And we got a nice day, thankfully. 46 degrees in Cleveland the second week of February is quite a pleasant surprise and most definitely something you take advantage of when it comes your way (No worries, it’s back down to the par 20 degrees it should be ;p ).

We stopped by a winding part of the CLE Metroparks in Hinckley for some photos (the same area where the annual Buzzard Day in Ohio is held. Yes, this part of Ohio is known for Buzzard Day-March 15th-every year since 1957, but more on that come March 15).
















Jacket and Sweater: Dillard’s (n/a)
Jeans: Anthropologie (n/a)
Necklace: Thrifted
Boots: Arturo Chiang (n/a)

Icy Cold

The other day I was saying how I really don’t mind the cold in winter when it’s sunny. It seems like when it’s sunny, you don’t realize how cold it actually is outside. The dreary, overcast skies just keeps the cold prominent, and the desire to hibernate only elevates.

Today, we took some pics along the Cuyahoga River to capture these pretty amazing icicles. One reason I love Ohio is for the beautiful parks, and the wondrous forms of nature you come across because of them. Every season, these parks offer such a variety of beauty. In the Spring and Summer, there’s so much green, in the Fall there are 100 different colors of reds, yellows and oranges, and in the winter there is of course a ton of white, but also awesome ice formations.












Khakis and I have always had a rough relationship. We’ve wanted to be friends, but it’s just been a rocky ride…I keep my expectations high and then often get disappointed. I’m always giving them second and third chances though because I believe in khakis. How can I not? They are an ultimate classic, I just need to be more patient and really let the creativity flow to come up with more options to give them better opportunities…right? ;)






Stay toasty, my friends! :)

Jacket: Buffalo by David Bitten (no longer available)
Sweater: Gap
Tee: Eddie Bauer
Khakis & Headband: Anthropologie, similar here
Scarf: H&M
Booties: Bed Stu
Sunglasses: Calvin Klein

Finding Quiet

Often times, I think I have overlooked the beauty of Winter. Yes, it’s bitter cold, wet, overcast almost daily, and the days are long…(did I mention cold?) but there is a much needed peacefulness that comes with this somber season. Nature is quite literally hibernating this time of year, which is noticeable when you go into the park and hear not a sound. It’s just you and the brittle tree branches, iced over waters, and snow covered paths. Nature’s taking a break for a little while…but that’s okay because those recoup times are necessary for life to move on.

So enjoy winter for what it offers. Solitude. Take a quiet walk through the park (bundled warm, of course), curl up under a blanket with hot cocoa and a book, or try out a mouth-watering hearty recipe to keep your stomach warm too. That way, we’re just working with what nature has given us…for the time being.









…Because jumping keeps the blood flowing ;)












Jeans: AG Slim Straight from Anthropologie
Blazer and chambray: H&M a few years back
Boots: Sorel Slimpack Riding Boot
Scarf: From a market in London

Into the Park

Into the Park

Sometimes I like to play on Polyvore to satisfy my fashion imagination.  This one started with the scarlet hued cape and branched out from there.  An awesome wool cape is on my sewing to-do list for winter-y items…hopefully by the end of this winter I will have myself a cape to throw on.  I wouldn’t consider capes to be especially ideal for days like today where there’s loads of snow falling from the sky and equal loads then on the roads–that’s definitely a puffer jacket kind of day.  But capes are great for those crisp winter days that border on feeling like the birth of a much desired spring day.

Can’t you just picture yourself sitting on a park bench while you’re people watching and wearing this crimson colored cape with your plaid button up peeking through when you lift your hand to write in your journal-recording your thoughts of inspiration?  Of course, to complete the look you need your on trend circular frame sunglasses and wide brim felt floppy hat, along with the gorgeous Prada bag you saved for-but will indeed cherish forever.  And don’t forget the leather gloves–it’s still winter, you know! Hands must be kept warm, especially when jotting down observations or discoveries.

Oh, and if you’re wearing a cape in the scarlet shade, you most definitely need something gray added somewhere-well, if you’re an Ohio girl that is. :)

Over the Holidays

Happy New Year everyone! I hope everybody had a fun and safe holiday! We spent ours in downtown CLE and it was so much fun! A very memorable experience for the books…including one delicious Moscow Mule, a handshake with a rock guitarist, and a hug from a stranger. Not a bad way to start 2015! :) These past few weeks leading up to and including the holidays have been ultra hectic, so it’ll be nice to finally have a few days to just breathe and relax.


A great view from East 4th for the NYE downtown fireworks.


Tower City Center.


A fantastic Moscow Mule from Society Lounge on East 4th.


So, a couple weeks ago, I made myself another coat that I’ve been patiently waiting to actually accomplish. And at last, I finally have.






Wearing a Gap blouse from a few years ago, black skinny jeans, boots by Bed Stu, hat by Converse from Target many years ago, and silver earrings and tooled leather purse were mom’s.







For Christmas, we had a very yummy meal and our traditional Flaming Plum Pudding. Since it has to be started the day after Thanksgiving, my mom will often just buy a pre-made one from somewhere like William-Sonoma, but this year she was on the ball and actually made one from scratch…complete with the brandied hard sauce!

Pints and Panache

One week later, and there’s still plenty of snow on the ground and water turned to ice…we even dipped down to about 15 degrees the other day, which is definitely a temperature more suited for January of February here in our neck of the woods. However, I am plenty thankful we have not gotten 6+ feet of snow like some of our Great Lakes neighbors…I can’t imagine how difficult that has to be, thoughts and prayers for anyone having to experience that.

Yesterday, we took a little stroll down in the CLE Metroparks to see some snow covered grounds and iced over rivers. I will say, even though it is freezing, Winter nature can be very beautiful.







Wearing a sweater vest, (literally!) that I constructed from a sweater and an old vest. Scarf from a market in London, skirt made by me last year in a desperation for a light brown skirt, boots by Sorel (link below), hat with feather pom from Target a few years back. Mom’s vintage tooled leather purse, coat by Calvin Klein.




These are my most favorite Winter boots-by Sorel. Very warm, very comfy. You can find some here.







Anyone else see the lady face in this ice? ;)




Don’t worry, at least one of these Guinness glasses actually had Guinness in it, post photo opp. ;)


After a little CLE Metroparks exploration, we decided to go to P.J. McIntyre’s in West Park for dinner. It’s an Irish Pub with delicious Irish fare and drinks. I got a traditional Irish Full Breakfast which consisted of bangers, potatoes, black and white pudding, tomato, mushrooms, two eggs, beans, ham, and toast. It was. so good. And eating it instantly reminded me of the first time I had a Full Breakfast in England. It’s just a whole lotta good food on one plate. Nice and hearty, great for this cold Winter weather.


The atmosphere is absolutely perfect for a pub, too. Dark wood, barrel tables, fire place…even the floors have this very suitable motif. If you can’t already tell, if you’re in CLE and have never been, or you’re visiting and want somewhere to go, check it out!