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Springing Up Spring

Springing Up Spring


I don’t know about everyone else, but I’m sure ready for Spring to get here. Inevitably, the weather warm-up means challenging wardrobe decisions. It sometimes takes a lot of effort to resist the urge to dress in anything that says “It’s warm outside!” I am a natural freeze baby, so I am one of those people that carries a sweater in my purse at all times…even when it’s an 85 degree July day (air conditioning, people!) My cool blood temp is probably also what reminds me to still wear long sleeves, closed toed shoes, or layers when the weather starts to break in the Spring because I know that if I get too warm-weather excited, I’ll regret it within the next couple days when I wake up with an “I told you so” cold.
 Above, I put together what I would consider to be a pre-Spring appropriate outfit. It brings out those expected petal shades, but the long sleeves, jeans, and booties still keep in the heat for when the sun goes down and the air turns cool again.
A Crocus flower that is about to bloom means Spring is on its way! :)

Color of Spring-Dusty Rose

Color of Spring-Dusty Rose


I’ve been starting to notice that this ‘dusty rose’ color is popping up among retailers in their Spring reciepts.  It’s a pretty color.  Sort of a hybrid of blush and lavender.  And probably one you can wear as subtly as you want-like on your lips, or as a statement color-like with a cool jacket or pant.

I think my personal favorite from this set is the pocket square (Reiss Winehouse-link above).  You rarely see pocket squares anymore… but what a good way to add a touch of ‘dusty rose’ to a Spring ensemble.

Blue Velvet Shoes

Blue Velvet Shoes


Aren’t these blue velvet booties amazing!?  I came across them while browsing Polyvore and couldn’t not use them in a set.  Too bad they’re a fine chunk of change. :[ But alas, I will just swoon over them.

The other things I included are stuff I’m into right now.  A pair of destroyed black denim-adds a little toughness to an outfit… a classic black leather band watch-never goes out of style… a cool white quartz ring-catches your eye! Rounded sunglasses and red lips-no fails… ombre hair (which I just had done! Finally, after wanting to for more than a year!)  and a navy striped tee-so versatile!

Oh, and of course a classic quilted Chanel bag.  No explanation necessary for that. ;)

Vintage Vibe

Vintage Vibe
I love to play around on Polyvore and make these sets.  I saw this awesome vintage 60’s coat with fur detail and wanted to build something around it.  The entire ensemble turned out to have a pretty vintage vibe, circa the 60’s/70’s.
Honestly while studying those two decades in school, I was never a big fan.  But I’m starting to come around to certain looks and pieces-like high waisted jeans and fur detail… and the colors-like the warm reds, oranges, and browns.
Of course I had to throw in a fun floppy hat and long waves, along with the stellar blue velvet booties from Anthropologie.  The vintage Chanel cuff and stackable rings are pretty groovy too. ;)

LBD and a Bowler

LBD and a Bowler
Little Black Dresses are the absolute best thing you can own.  The possibilities are quite literally endless.  With this one, I thought it’d be fun to go a little more eclectic and add some leather suspenders and a bowler hat.  And then of course, the red lip earrings and gold seashell purse.

Block heel booties
$40 – fashionunion.com

Henri Bendel red earrings

Marni brown belt

Witchery black glasses
$65 – witchery.com.au


Uniqlo hat

Fall Essentials

Fall Essentials

Jigsaw breton top
$40 – jigsaw-online.com

Mossimo blazer

Onyx hoop earrings

The Row black sunglasses

Vassilisa crochet patterns scarve
$425 – avenue32.com

Christys floppy hat
$110 – liberty.co.uk

Giorgio Armani lipstick

Here are some GREAT FALL Essentials:
1) Boyfriend Blazer 2) Striped tee 3) Skinnies 4) Ankle Booties 5) Leather Bag 6) Coral Lipstick 7) Printed Scarf 8) 70’s Circle Sunglasses 9) Floppy hat 10) Tortoise Shell Accessories

Blushing Beauty

Blushing Beauty

Topshop crop top

RED Valentino leather skirt

House of harlow 1960


Chanel blush

Christian dior fragrance
$71 – johnlewis.com

Christian dior


As some of you may know, I’ve always loved blush…and I love it even more as it’s become a new ‘neutral’.  Blush truly goes with just about every other color, like any other neutral does.

I’m also really into this crop top trend.  They’re great for these hot days…but also could work as a transition from late summer to early fall, especially if you pair one with a leather swing skirt, with a blush colored blazer to throw on when it cools down.  There’s a similar (not quite as pricey) swing skirt here.

P.S.  This Dior lip balm is the best thing for your lips.  It really moisturizes, but it turns your lips your perfect natural shade of pink because it works with your own body chemistry…pretty cool!!

Shorts and Chambray

Shorts and Chambray

Madewell shirt top

Slip on boots

Swarovski crystal jewelry

FOSSIL buckle belt

White fedora hat