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Day of Green

Happy late St. Patrick’s day! I admit,  I think I subconsciously wore green for the holiday. Until a few hours into my day, I didn’t actually realize I had put on this green pleated skirt to honor St. Patty’s. And the wind made for an interesting photo-taking experience.

DSC_0992 DSC_1004 (2) IMG_2016shoes IMG_2016ov DSC_1046 (2) IMG_2016ducks DSC_0976 DSC_1016 DSC_0990

I found this vintage mint green skirt at a thrift store for 99 cents! It has most definitely been one of my best (and most versatile) thrift store finds. The leather jacket is from Victoria’s Secret online and the shoes are about 7 years old so I don’t remember where I found them.

Springing Up Spring

Springing Up Spring


I don’t know about everyone else, but I’m sure ready for Spring to get here. Inevitably, the weather warm-up means challenging wardrobe decisions. It sometimes takes a lot of effort to resist the urge to dress in anything that says “It’s warm outside!” I am a natural freeze baby, so I am one of those people that carries a sweater in my purse at all times…even when it’s an 85 degree July day (air conditioning, people!) My cool blood temp is probably also what reminds me to still wear long sleeves, closed toed shoes, or layers when the weather starts to break in the Spring because I know that if I get too warm-weather excited, I’ll regret it within the next couple days when I wake up with an “I told you so” cold.
 Above, I put together what I would consider to be a pre-Spring appropriate outfit. It brings out those expected petal shades, but the long sleeves, jeans, and booties still keep in the heat for when the sun goes down and the air turns cool again.
A Crocus flower that is about to bloom means Spring is on its way! :)

Petal Pink

Happy Easter!  I hope everyone had a lovely holiday.  It was an absolutely BEA-utiful day for us here in CLE, which is usually a hit or miss for this annual special Sunday.  But when we do get a warm and sunny one, it makes this Spring holiday that much sweeter.

Today, I wanted to share this pink petal coat (freshly finished) project of mine.  I was inspired by a street-wear picture I came across a very long time ago and loved it so much that decided to give it a go myself by upcycling an old coat.  I’m extremely excited with how it turned out.

BEFOREpink coat (5)

pink coat (3) pink coat (1) pink coat (11)

I don’t know what it is about this color, and I know I’ve said this multiple times before, but I truly love it, especially for the Spring.  It just suits the season perfectly, I think.

pink coat (13) pink coat (17) pink coat (18) pink coat (19)

It’s so exciting to finally see green sprouts showing up everywhere!  A couple days ago it seemed like Mother Nature just flipped the on-switch for Spring…everything had become noticeably greener, which is just so very inspirational and reassuring.

pink coat (6) pink coat (10) pink coat (8) pink coat (15) pink coat (16) pink coat (14) pink coat (12)

Our yummy Easter creations this year. >:o)


pink coat (20)



Dress-Antonio Melani from Dillard’s (n/a)
Shoes-Jessica Simpson (n/a)
Necklace-made it
Upcycled coat

Lilacs and a Coral Skirt

The lilacs are in bloom! Lilacs are so lovely and fragrant, I wish they were in bloom for a longer period of time. But we can at least enjoy them while they last…



Top from Anthropologie, coral tulip skirt made by me, sandals from Target, sparkly belt also from Anthropologie.



Mix It Up

Mixing styles has always been fun for me. Especially highs and lows, like this lace top with Converse sneakers. Like a lot of things in life, I think opposites attract. So, pair that lace top with casual sneakers, or that leather moto jacket with the frilly dress, boyfriend jeans with pumps…the list goes on. Give them a try! :)






sep DSC_0370-

Lace top from the Lookbook store, shorts are cutoffs, Vintage tooled leather purse, straw fedora from Target, Converse sneakers.

May Flowers

Well, today is a beautiful Spring day in May! Almost 80 here in CLE, which is an awesome change compared to the 50 degree days we’ve been consistently experiencing. I love that most of the trees are finally turning green or budding, and when you’re driving you get whiffs of flowers or freshly cut grass. So I guess all those April showers did bring us some May flowers!

To say I’m ready for the warm weather is an understatement…I am BEYOND ready for the warm weather, after the brutal winter we had this year, it is about stinkin’ time. Bring on the heat. I’m ready to wear lots of skirts and dresses, annnd sandals…as evidenced in this post. ;)




I made this skirt last week. I had it cut out for a while and just kind of forgot about it. The great thing about it is that since it’s neutral, being black and white, it will go nicely with many things. Today, I chose a classic chambray shirt and statement necklace. Chambrays are a definite closet must for men and women.






Chambray shirt from Target, made the skirt, sandals from Target $12!, straw fedora from H&M, necklace from Dillard’s.

Printed Pants: NIGHT

Yesterday, I blogged about these printed pants and how I’m testing their versatility. They’re one of those items you want to know you can wear different ways before taking the plunge and buying them. Yesterday was how you can wear printed pants in the day, casually. Today is how you can wear printed pants in the evening, a bit more dressed up.






Blue dolman sleeve top is from Dillard’s a few years back (such a great blue!), so is the dogwood flower statement necklace. Shoes are Prabal Gurung for Target. Clutch is from H&M.





Of the two casual and dressy looks, I’m not sure which I like better!

Springing into Spring

Springing into Spring

Every single Spring season I find myself gravitating toward yellow. I just think it’s a really great Spring statement color. So, while playing around on Polyvore, I chose to make a ‘work wear’ set around this lovely yellow dress by John Lewis. Since it’s still a little cool this time of year (at least on this side of the country ;p) I would definitely pair it with a little leather jacket, especially white because it’s definitely more of a Spring appropriate color for a leather jacket. The hint of a third color comes in with the greyish blue color blocked purse. Shades of blue and yellow pair well together. And of course, I have to add a little whimsy to the whole ensemble with the vintage daisy bracelet and flower shaped earrings ;)