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Feeling Moody

Thanks to the wonderful Project Runway, Mood Fabrics has become a travel destination for many visiting the Big Apple.  It is a textile themed candy store for me, personally…as I could literally spend hours browsing all the bolts and conjuring up ideas of new designs and projects.  Here’s a glimpse inside the store (Swatch the dog wasn’t helping out that day ;)) and of some fabric I bought for a Spring wardrobe addition.






I found this blush colored metallic chiffon I thought was pretty awesome, and some striped silk taffeta.  Stay tuned for the ‘after’ post and pictures!! :)

The Flatiron

If you want to see some cool architecture, go visit New York City’s the Flatiron building.  It was built in the early 1900’s, finished in 1902 and is such an interesting building.  What is neat about it is how it almost feels like an optical illusion because of its dimensions.


Instagram photo.

It’s called the Flatiron building because, well it resembles a cast-iron clothing iron (especially if looking from above).  And for that, it is an easily recognizable building of NYC, so has made plenty of film and TV cameos.

The Flatiron is on 5th Ave, wedged between East 22nd and Broadway.  Hence the reason it is shaped like a triangle.

Isn’t it Grand?

Sorry for the delay in posts! I’m spending a little time in the NYC region, so here’s a couple pics I thought were pretty cool.


THE skyline.


I <3 NY.


 For as many times as I’ve been to the city, this was actually the first I had ever gone to Grand Central Station.  Such a beautiful building.  The architecture is awesome, as all historic NY buildings are.  The inside of Grand Central truly fits its namesake…grand.

More to come soon!