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Day of Green

Happy late St. Patrick’s day! I admit,  I think I subconsciously wore green for the holiday. Until a few hours into my day, I didn’t actually realize I had put on this green pleated skirt to honor St. Patty’s. And the wind made for an interesting photo-taking experience.

DSC_0992 DSC_1004 (2) IMG_2016shoes IMG_2016ov DSC_1046 (2) IMG_2016ducks DSC_0976 DSC_1016 DSC_0990

I found this vintage mint green skirt at a thrift store for 99 cents! It has most definitely been one of my best (and most versatile) thrift store finds. The leather jacket is from Victoria’s Secret online and the shoes are about 7 years old so I don’t remember where I found them.

$3 Bargain

Hats.  I have many, but always neglect to wear them.  Well, the other day while at Target, I found this colorful straw fedora for just $3!!  MAJOR score.  I think a straw fedora adds a little bit of ‘cool’ to any casual outfit.  I’ll be sure not to neglect wearing this one througout this summer.

strawfedora hips1 hips2 closeups






Neon orange top from Dillard’s.  Green bracelets from H&M.  Sandals from Aldo, similar here.  Necklace from Anthropologie.



The weather the past week or two has been absolutely lovely.  I’ve been able to spend many recent days in shorts, and <gasp> sleeveless shirts.  I know, big deal, right? Well, I’m quite the freeze baby… so I enjoy when my body feels warm enough to actually be comfortable in summer clothes.

A Dress with Some Edge

Well, the day we took these pics Cleveland reached a temperature of about 80.  It was quite pleasant, but usually not likely for an April day.  Then of course the next day it went right back into the 40’s…something not so unusual for us.  Cleveland may be one of the only places that can experience all 4 seasons in the span of a week, and is probably the main source of all my sinus flare ups. Ick.

To take advantage of the weather, I thought I’d debut this dress.  Initially I had intended to use the fabric to make a blazer, but I decided its fate was an edgy, rocker ‘inspired’ dress.

image image image image

I paired it with H&M earrings and clutch, and shoes from Target.  Stud belt is from Dillard’s a few years back.


The pics really don’t do the fabric full justice.  It’s much more shimmery than it looks, which gives it an almost metal looking finish and why I thought it’d make a great edgy dress.

Now for somewhere to wear it… :)

Springing Forward

Well, a few days ago the clocks sprung forward, and also Cleveland got a real taste of Spring.  We reached the 60 degree range which was a lovely surprise…and as an added bonus, it was sunny too!

I love when the weather changes from puffer coat to light jacket appropriate.  It really gets me motivated to check things off the to do list…especially in terms of Spring cleaning. And of course, in making additions to my Spring wardrobe.  This mint green dolman tee was my first Spring wardrobe purchase.  Just a basic $10 tee from Target, but in a warm weather color nonetheless.

image image image

These ankle boots are from DSW.  They were a pair that caught my eye but wasn’t sure how versatile they’d be in my wardrobe.  So far, they’ve added some interest. Here’s a similar pair, without the lace.