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Springing into Spring

Springing into Spring

Every single Spring season I find myself gravitating toward yellow. I just think it’s a really great Spring statement color. So, while playing around on Polyvore, I chose to make a ‘work wear’ set around this lovely yellow dress by John Lewis. Since it’s still a little cool this time of year (at least on this side of the country ;p) I would definitely pair it with a little leather jacket, especially white because it’s definitely more of a Spring appropriate color for a leather jacket. The hint of a third color comes in with the greyish blue color blocked purse. Shades of blue and yellow pair well together. And of course, I have to add a little whimsy to the whole ensemble with the vintage daisy bracelet and flower shaped earrings ;)

Inspired: What to Wear for NYE

Inspired: What to Wear for NYE
I have always found TV and movies to be GREAT resources for fashion inspiration.  Think about it, your style evolves through your entire life because you evolve.  Your evolution includes the things that influence you-like TV and movies.  So, ultimately your style ends up being a tad bit of each of your favorite movie or TV characters, as well as anyone else in your life that you admire.
Anyway,  with New Year’s Eve literally around the corner, I thought I’d put together a NYE collage of party outfits inspired by some of my favorite TV and movie icons.
1.  Of course, Carrie Bradshaw.  My ultimate style icon.  Carrie’s style is so eclectic and fun, that even though some of her ensembles don’t necessarily go together, it still works because she’s Carrie.
2.  Serena Van der Woodsen.  Another of my style icons.  A little boho, a little eclectic-but always a show stopper.
3.  This one is primarily for the 40’s fashion.  I chose Joan Crawford because the fur coat is something she was in quite often in her movies-especially Mildred Pierce.  The 1940’s are probably my favorite fashion era.  Gorgeous fabrics, elegant, and classic shapes and styles.
4.  Daisy Buchanan.  The Great Gatsby.  Everything about the costume in the Great Gatsby was perfect.  Over the top glamor and sparkle that represented the era expertly.  My other favorite fashion era, for sure…give me some sequins and beads, feather details, and a pair of t-straps and I’m good to go.
5.  This gorgeous satin gown in the cobalt blue made me think of Rosemary Clooney.  There’s a gorgeous black gown that she wears in White Christmas and fits her like a glove…this blue beauty just looks like it’d be the perfect figure flattering gown.  And to kick it up a notch for the New Year, I thought it needed a sparkly jacket. ;)
6.  Last, but not least-Holly Golightly.  A fashion icon for many, I’m sure.  After all, she is who introduced us to the LBD, right?  Classic and modest, but also a little bit sexy.
Who are your TV/movie fashion icons?

What to Wear: A September/October Wedding

What to Wear: A September/October Wedding

Depending on where you live, September and October can be pretty unpredictable months for weather.  Here in CLE, it could still be in the 70’s or 80’s, or it might be snowing by the middle of the month.  With that being said, September and October can be pretty tricky months to dress for a wedding.

With a couple weddings coming up to attend, I decided to start pondering ensembles that would be appropriate depending on both the month and the indecisive weather.

First, I thought…these are the months where the leaves are starting to turn all the beautiful colors of red, orange, and yellow…so why would I wear a somber, dark colored dress when Nature is producing all these gorgeous shades!?  Color is lively and exciting…and so are weddings! (usually ;) )  So why not portray that through our clothing choices?

Next, I thought it’d be safe to go for something with ¾ sleeves.  That way, if it’s cool, at least I’d have some fabric on my arms.  And if it’s hot, at least it wouldn’t be super unbearable.

Lastly, a wedding is an excuse to dress up in this uber casual world we’re living in.  That includes a pretty up-do, lipstick and perfume as well.

OH! And it’s a wedding…don’t forget to toast that glass of champagne! ;)

Zip dress

Christian Louboutin red purse

Tom Ford lipstick

Christian Dior cheek bronzer
$47 – johnlewis.com

Black, White…and a little red.

Black, White...and a little red.

Alexander McQueen long shirt

Prada genuine leather handbag
$265 – flannelsfashion.com

Lanvin chain necklace
$2,270 – cultstatus.com.au

Prada sunglasses