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Inspired: What to Wear for NYE

Inspired: What to Wear for NYE
I have always found TV and movies to be GREAT resources for fashion inspiration.  Think about it, your style evolves through your entire life because you evolve.  Your evolution includes the things that influence you-like TV and movies.  So, ultimately your style ends up being a tad bit of each of your favorite movie or TV characters, as well as anyone else in your life that you admire.
Anyway,  with New Year’s Eve literally around the corner, I thought I’d put together a NYE collage of party outfits inspired by some of my favorite TV and movie icons.
1.  Of course, Carrie Bradshaw.  My ultimate style icon.  Carrie’s style is so eclectic and fun, that even though some of her ensembles don’t necessarily go together, it still works because she’s Carrie.
2.  Serena Van der Woodsen.  Another of my style icons.  A little boho, a little eclectic-but always a show stopper.
3.  This one is primarily for the 40’s fashion.  I chose Joan Crawford because the fur coat is something she was in quite often in her movies-especially Mildred Pierce.  The 1940’s are probably my favorite fashion era.  Gorgeous fabrics, elegant, and classic shapes and styles.
4.  Daisy Buchanan.  The Great Gatsby.  Everything about the costume in the Great Gatsby was perfect.  Over the top glamor and sparkle that represented the era expertly.  My other favorite fashion era, for sure…give me some sequins and beads, feather details, and a pair of t-straps and I’m good to go.
5.  This gorgeous satin gown in the cobalt blue made me think of Rosemary Clooney.  There’s a gorgeous black gown that she wears in White Christmas and fits her like a glove…this blue beauty just looks like it’d be the perfect figure flattering gown.  And to kick it up a notch for the New Year, I thought it needed a sparkly jacket. ;)
6.  Last, but not least-Holly Golightly.  A fashion icon for many, I’m sure.  After all, she is who introduced us to the LBD, right?  Classic and modest, but also a little bit sexy.
Who are your TV/movie fashion icons?

Fur Frenzy

Time to pull out your furs ladies! It’s that time of year again for those fur coats, capes, and collars!   Its time for a full force fur frenzy!!  Now, real or faux is your preference, but either way there are some great ones out there.  With furs, I’d opt for vintage…chances are the quality is a smidge better.

This mink coat I found at one of my favorite CLE vintage stores in Lakewood-Chelsea’s Vintage Clothing and Costume.  Last year, I was inspired by Carrie Bradshaw to find a fur coat of my own…so off to Chelsea’s I went and found this lovely number for about $70!! Major score for a real mink coat!! :)  I promised myself last year that I’d try my hardest to get more wear out of it this year, since I bought it a little late in winter last year and wasn’t able to enjoy it much before the weather broke.  So here is my first outfit of this winter featuring the fur coat ;) (with many more to come, Fingers crossed!).


coatside hips1 goof1 sidecoat2

When I put this outfit together, I thought…’Wow, I’m really vibing a few different time periods here’.  A little bit of the 20’s, a touch of 70’s hippie, and a splash of modern day.  But hey, I’m all for eclectic fashion, and that’s the GREAT thing about fashion of the 2000’s…we’ve essentially reached a point in our modern day fashion where ‘anything goes’.  Not as in, anything matches…but more as in there are no more rules.  So, GO for the eclectic! Afterall, it’s a little more interesting that way! ;)

top1 ring shoe1

I love these bright cobalt blue pumps.  A great dash of color, right?! I can’t remember why I got them in the first place, but I do remember that I had something specific in mind.  Regardless, I found them at a Dillard’s shoe sale for $20 or something like that.  Those shoe sales are surely what justify women’s shoe obsessions ;)

shoe11 front2 close1

Lace top from the Lookbook Store; fur coat from Chelsea’s Vintage Clothing and Costume in Lakewood, OH; side zip cords from Anthropologie; blue suede pumps by Gianni Bini from Dillard’s shoe sale a couple years ago.  Sparkly headband is actually a sparkly belt from Anthropologie- buckled, twisted and pinned…. Nothing wrong with being innovative, right? ;)

Inspiration: Carrie Bradshaw

Inspiration: Carrie Bradshaw

Layered tulle skirt

Jimmy Choo leather heels

Transparent handbag
$20 – newlook.com

Carrie Saxl star earrings

Red and Pink: The Colors of L<3VE

Happy Valentine’s Day!!  Pink and red are actually a really great color combo.  I think people are just reluctant to wear them together for risk of looking too much like Cupid.  It’s my personal belief that the key to avoiding that is to make sure you’re 1) adding a third, even fourth color in there and 2) you’re not wearing bright red with Pepto Bismol pink.  Otherwise, you’re likely in the clear.

onehip hndear n33

Bright pink Isaac Mizrahi skirt worn with printed silk cami and faux fur collarless coat (two other recent sewing projects of mine).  Navy stud clutch from Dillard’s.  Shoes are Mossimo from Target.

lndwn cltchtopjkt jcktbtcls1 jcktbtmclsr

I made the coat out of faux white fur, then surface designed the bottom to spruce it up a touch.  It looks awfully toasty, but truthfully it’s probably best on 40-50 degree days like today.  It too, was inspired by another one of Carrie Bradshaw’s many many coats.

jckt skrtajst

I also made the cami out of this very pretty floral butterfly printed silk that’s adorned with beads and faux pearls.  Another one of those fabrics I had stockpiled away and just now made use of.


The print reminds me of a Japanese ink painting.


Hope your Valentine’s Days’ are full of love!  And chocolate, of course.  :)


The CALLIE Diaries…

If I were asked to name my style icons, I wouldn’t be naming celebrities…I’d be naming the characters they played on TV,  or in movies.  Until a couple of years ago,  I had only seen a few episodes of Sex and the City…but once I saw the movie I knew I needed to own the series ASAP.  If not for the witty innuendoes, then DEFINITELY for the amazing fashion.  Patricia Field’s work  is incredibly influential to me.  Carrie Bradshaw quickly became a new found style icon of mine.  I adore just about everything she wears throughout the SATC series (movies too)!

For those of you who have been following my blog, or who may know me personally, know how much of a jacket/coat girl I am.   I am always on the hunt for a great blazer, unique jacket or coat, etc.  With that being said, there are two ‘Carrie coats’ that I absolutely love.

1) The infamous long fur coat (which detaches to become short, fyi)!

2) The unknown white surface designed one from Season 3, ‘Where’s the Smoke’? episode.







(apologies for quality of the pictures, this is what happens when I’m watching the episode and trying to pause it at just the right moment to get a decent pic).

Well, it just so happened that a few weeks ago while perusing a local vintage store (Chelsea’s of Lakewood), I came across this B-E-A-utiful mink coat for $65.  Yep. You read right.  Mink. $65.  I had to do a little minor repair to the lining, but other than that it was a MAJOR score.  I was giddy with excitement.  And also a little in shock-as this purchase has now gone down in Callie Vintage Shopping history as THE best find of all time.  Also, I found my very own fur Carrie coat. :))

This second one, I immediately fell in love with once I saw the “Where’s the Smoke”? episode.  It caught my eye instantly.  <<For a little Callie background: since I was playing with Barbie dolls, if I was watching a show or movie and saw an outfit, or dress, necklace, whatever that caught my attention…from that moment I was on the quest to try and mimic it.  Whether that was finding the closest alternative at a retailer, or making my own version (for my own personal use/sense of accomplishment).  Making my own version was the case when I laid my eyes on this amazing Carrie coat.


Pic Stitch collages.  Vintage fur coat worn with H&M polka dot dress.  Tracey Reese for Neiman Marcus/Target collection, belt also from Target, blue suede shoes- Gianni Bini (Dillard’s).


I am extremely pleased with how my version turned out.  I made the coat itself out of a wool/acrylic felt, then did a little surface design of my own with trims/fabric…mostly scraps and extra fabric I had no other use for.  I knew I saved them for a reason! ;)

PS Can’t wait for the upcoming new show on the CW, ‘The Carrie Diaries’ based on the prequel series to SATC.  I will definitely be tuning into that next week! :))