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Building a Capsule Wardrobe

Building a Capsule Wardrobe


Lately, I’ve been visiting the idea of creating a capsule wardrobe.  The holidays and the months following always make me realize how much stuff I have and how much of it I probably don’t need, which in turn ignites a major purge of said stuff. Of course a lot of that stuff includes clothing, shoes, and accessories.  I think for a lot of people, it can get to a point where getting dressed in the morning is more of a chore because you are overwhelmed with choices instead of faced with simple, stylish decisions.  Honestly, that may be why a capsule wardrobe sounds the most appealing to me…ease.  Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE styling and putting things together, but I also very much appreciate simplicity and well-made pieces with great design elements.

Above are some of the pieces I consider to be staples in a wardrobe, most of which I have variations of myself and are often items I continue to go back to.  I’d say it’s a good start to building a great capsule wardrobe.



Summer to Fall Transition

Summer to Fall Transition

I must admit, it’s hard not to think about Fall clothes when the weather this summer has been soo cool. When the temperature barely reaches 70 on a late July day, it’s difficult not to crave cozy sweaters, boots and scarves, bonfires, and pumpkin spice lattes. But we must resist! It’s not fall yet!! And after this past winter, I am not eagerly waiting for this cooler weather to stay a while. Needless to say, I hope we have a more normal August, but unfortunately it’s not looking very promising. So, I put together this Polyvore set of what I’ll probably be wearing in the next month to transition from summer to fall weather (and probably with a little bit of resistance).

Neutrals: Black, white, and brown

I’m a big fan of neutral color palettes.  I love mixing in pops of color, yes…but the majority of my clothes are neutral shades.  I find that more things match each other that way.  But I also like how classic neutrals can look when paired together well. 

I absolutely LOVE black with a cognac brown.  It’s a very striking neutral color combo.  Add a touch of white and it’s even better.


close1 purse1 tiptoes1 smile1 

I love this white top from Anthropologie.  I knew I needed it as soon as I laid eyes on it.  You see, it fits into my ‘white top obsession’ closet category. ;)  The boyfriend blazer was also a really great buy.  It’s really soft and fits great.  And as an added bonus, it also has a pretty cool lining.

pockets1 closewboots


Top, blazer, and jeans all from Anthropologie.

Boots from Aldo about 5 years ago.  Similar here.

Leather belt from Old Navy men’s department.

Vintage tooled leather purse.

Faux tortoise shell watch from Target a couple years ago.  Similar here.

Fall Essentials

Fall Essentials

Jigsaw breton top
$40 – jigsaw-online.com

Mossimo blazer

Onyx hoop earrings

The Row black sunglasses

Vassilisa crochet patterns scarve
$425 – avenue32.com

Christys floppy hat
$110 – liberty.co.uk

Giorgio Armani lipstick

Here are some GREAT FALL Essentials:
1) Boyfriend Blazer 2) Striped tee 3) Skinnies 4) Ankle Booties 5) Leather Bag 6) Coral Lipstick 7) Printed Scarf 8) 70’s Circle Sunglasses 9) Floppy hat 10) Tortoise Shell Accessories

End of Summer Transition

End of Summer Transition

Alexander McQueen long sleeve shirt

Converse leather shoes

Travel backpack

Marc by Marc Jacobs gold jewelry
$62 – harveynichols.com

Wildfox couture

Pieces jeans belt
$19 – nelly.com

Voluminous mascara

Calvin klein

It’s always so hard to decide what to wear this time of year.  It’s that time where the weather is starting to transition into fall…with warm days and cold nights.  Which means it’s a little too warm for jeans and a sweater, but a little too cold for shorts and a tank.  So what do you wear??  It’s time to compromise.  A sweater and shorts…a tank and jeans…a good rule of thumb I usually go by is making sure either my legs or arms will be warm when it’s cool.  That way, I’m not turning purple and begging for a hot cup of tea.

Fall Fashion Color: Oxblood

Fall Fashion Color: Oxblood

Printed top

Real leather handbag
$1,390 – mytheresa.com

Chanel jewelry

Miu Miu real leather belt


I know, I know…in my last post I said I wasn’t ready for fall yet even with this consistent cool weather happening.  That is still true! I’m not 100% ready for Fall yet because it really doesn’t feel like we’ve had much of a summer weather-wise.  I’m kind of hoping for a couple more weeks of true August warmth before it’s permanently cool until next April.

But I guess this cooler weather is creeping into my thinking because I’m finding myself searching Fall fashion, colors, and boots.  So I might as well embrace the ‘fall thinking’ effect of this cool weather and start some early preperation for Fall fashion.  After all, Fall is my favorite season for fashion…it just seems like all the good stuff is autumn oriented. 

One thing I look up every season are the seasonal colors predicted by Pantone.  It’s a good tool as a way to spot color trends but also good to use as a guideline for wardrobe building.  You can see which colors you like and would like to incorporate into your closet for the season, and also which colors coordinate well.  It’s really no surprise that ‘oxblood’ is a color trend for this Fall season, it seems to be a tried and true Autumn color.  On the Pantone Color Report, they’re calling this color ‘Samba’.

I thought these oxblood colored flats and booties by Miu Miu were a perfect way to incorporate this color into a fun Fall ensemble.