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June Wedding Wear

June Wedding Wear

‘Tis the Wedding Season!! So, what to wear!? Er on the side of classic and you can’t go wrong. I found this Dolce and Gabbana dress that’s full of color and perfect to wear to a lovely June wedding. Make it pop even more with some bright colored accessories…bright colored accessories are always a good way to brighten up any classic silhouette-especially the sleeveless sheath dress.

Don’t forget to tuck away your favorite lip wear in your clutch either. ;) I’ve found that Sugar Lips works really well at hydrating for a long period of time…and it smells nice and fresh too.

14 Valentine’s Day Ideas- Day 7

Wow! Already on Day 7 of 14 Days of Valenetine Ideas!! Thanks for sticking around!! Remember, there’s still 7 more days of ideas coming your way and you won’t want to miss them! Today’s Valentine idea is LOVE magnets! 

I took this idea from my own wedding reception!  As part of our favors, we made these little love magnets for our guests.  Each one had a different LOVE quote or lyric, which makes them perfect for a Valentine’s day idea too!  Instead of using framed magnets, you can also do this with picture frames-just in case you can’t find framed magnets.




-What you’ll need-

Framed magnets or picture frames (Here in Northeast Ohio, we have a grocery store called Marc’s that sells close-out merchandise too, which is where I found the framed magnets, they were very inexpensive at about $.25 a piece)!

Favorite LOVE quote or lyric.

There’s really not much instruction to this one other than to print out and place the quote or lyric in the frame! Simple as that!

DSC_0961 DSC_0962 DSC_0965



Stay tuned tomorrow to see what you can use those adorable vintage valentines for! :)

14 Days of Valentine Ideas-Day 2

Hosting a Valentine’s day party?  Or maybe you need some ideas for your kids school party?  How about instead of mustache props, lip props?  They’re fun, they’re silly, and they’re easy!

All you need is some construction paper, skewers, scissors, and some glue!


lips11 lips12

lipsclose4 lipsclose3

If you need a lip template, it’s easy to find one online…I just freehanded one, traced it onto construction paper, and cut them out.

Use some craft glue to glue the lips onto the wooden skewers and secure with a small piece of scrap paper over the top of the skewer tip.

Then I used some washi tape to cover the skewer and make it a little more visually appealing!


Not only would these be a cute idea for a Valentine’s Day party, but also for your wedding photo booth!  Just use some black or brown construction paper for the guys’ mustaches! :)

What to Wear: A September/October Wedding

What to Wear: A September/October Wedding

Depending on where you live, September and October can be pretty unpredictable months for weather.  Here in CLE, it could still be in the 70’s or 80’s, or it might be snowing by the middle of the month.  With that being said, September and October can be pretty tricky months to dress for a wedding.

With a couple weddings coming up to attend, I decided to start pondering ensembles that would be appropriate depending on both the month and the indecisive weather.

First, I thought…these are the months where the leaves are starting to turn all the beautiful colors of red, orange, and yellow…so why would I wear a somber, dark colored dress when Nature is producing all these gorgeous shades!?  Color is lively and exciting…and so are weddings! (usually ;) )  So why not portray that through our clothing choices?

Next, I thought it’d be safe to go for something with ¾ sleeves.  That way, if it’s cool, at least I’d have some fabric on my arms.  And if it’s hot, at least it wouldn’t be super unbearable.

Lastly, a wedding is an excuse to dress up in this uber casual world we’re living in.  That includes a pretty up-do, lipstick and perfume as well.

OH! And it’s a wedding…don’t forget to toast that glass of champagne! ;)

Zip dress

Christian Louboutin red purse

Tom Ford lipstick

Christian Dior cheek bronzer
$47 –

Parisian Inspired Wedding Collage

Parisian Inspired Wedding Collage