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14 Days of Valentine Ideas-Days 9

This Valentine’s day DIY idea is for Valentine’s day cake parfaits! YUM! What a great idea! This would be a delicious little treat for your Valentine’s Day party, or as a dessert for your Valentine’s day dinner, especially if you’re making a homemade dinner. :d


These may sound tricky, but they’re really not difficult at all. Here’s what you’ll need:

cake mix ( I went with Pillsbury Pink Lemonade flavor)

ingredients for your cake mix (*Note: Instead of the recommended 3 eggs, I used 4 eggs; instead of water, I used milk; and instead of 1/3 c of oil, I melted a full stick of butter–You would not believe how much fluffier the cake batter comes out! Give it a try!)

glasses/cups about 6-8

circular cookie cutter

cake pans

can of frosting and preferred toppings

large ziploc bag

cake frosting tip (find in your baking isle at the grocery store or craft store)

Ok, so first thing’s first-mix the cake batter and spread into 2 cake pans. (I used 8×8 pans).


Bake your cakes. When they are done, let them cool for about 20 minutes. While waiting, using a spatula, scoop the frosting into a large ziploc baggie (make sure you clip the corner and put the frosting tip in first) This will make it easier to get the frosting into the cup/glass.





Flip your cakes onto two plates, and using the circular cookie cutter, cut circles out of your cakes. Put one cake circle into a cup, and then squeeze a layer of frosting. Then another cake circle, and another layer of frosting. Sprinkle your toppings on the top layer of frosting on your cake parfait and you’re ready to enjoy! :d






Enjoy your cake parfaits!

14 Days of Valentine-Day 8

Remember how I mentioned I’d show you what to do with some of those fun vintage valentines?  Well here it is!

A Valentine & Heart Garland!  Decorate your front door, your dining room, your classroom, your mantle, or use for your Valentine’s day party!  This Valentine DIY is pretty simple too.


-What you’ll need-


construction paper

vintage valentines (can be found at stationary stores, but your best bet is an antique store).

hemp string or ribbon (whatever you want to attach them to)

tacky or craft glue





Cut out your hearts from the construction paper, and your valentines if they’re not pre-cut.  First, cut the string the length you want your garland to be.  Then fold it in half to find the middle point.  Start from the middle and work your way outward to the ends (this way makes it easier to have more even spaces and lengths of string at the ends).  Glue your hearts and valentines to the string-make sure you hold it there a few seconds to make sure the glue takes-and finish with a small piece of scrap paper over the string/valentine to secure it in place.

Voila! Your garland is made. :)




14 Valentine’s Day Ideas- Day 7

Wow! Already on Day 7 of 14 Days of Valenetine Ideas!! Thanks for sticking around!! Remember, there’s still 7 more days of ideas coming your way and you won’t want to miss them! Today’s Valentine idea is LOVE magnets! 

I took this idea from my own wedding reception!  As part of our favors, we made these little love magnets for our guests.  Each one had a different LOVE quote or lyric, which makes them perfect for a Valentine’s day idea too!  Instead of using framed magnets, you can also do this with picture frames-just in case you can’t find framed magnets.




-What you’ll need-

Framed magnets or picture frames (Here in Northeast Ohio, we have a grocery store called Marc’s that sells close-out merchandise too, which is where I found the framed magnets, they were very inexpensive at about $.25 a piece)!

Favorite LOVE quote or lyric.

There’s really not much instruction to this one other than to print out and place the quote or lyric in the frame! Simple as that!

DSC_0961 DSC_0962 DSC_0965



Stay tuned tomorrow to see what you can use those adorable vintage valentines for! :)

14 Days of Valentine Ideas-Day 5

There is so much you can do with burlap.  And the greatest part about it is how inexpensive it is!  This Valentine’s Day idea is for burlap placemats! 


This one is a simple décor idea.  Just a little something Valentine’s themed to decorate your space.  And not very hard either…  Here we go!

-What you’ll need-

About a half yard of Burlap fabric (about 3.99/yard at the fabric store)

2 sheets of felt (found at craft or fabric stores…about $.35 a sheet)

Fabric paint

Acrylic paint

Sponge brush

Thick thread or string

2 paper doilies

Use the felt sheets as a template to cut out the shape of burlap.  I cut about 2 inch borders around the felt.

Pin the felt pieces in place onto the burlap.  Stitch the felt onto the burlap using the thick thread.

Using the fabric paint, draw a couple hearts in the corners.

Using one doily per placemat, lay flat on the placemat where you’d like the pattern to show.  Using a sponge brush and acrylic paint, brush paint all over doily so the pattern shows through onto the placemat.  Keep dabbing the brush over the doily, making sure the paint is getting through.  When you remove the doily, the pattern should appear on your placemat!

Let dry and use for your Valentine’s Day dinner!







14 Days of Valentine Ideas-Day 4

Today’s Valentine’s day idea is another good one for a Valentine’s Day party.  Straw toppers!  This one’s an easy one too.  All you really need for this DIY is construction paper, scissors, and of course straws.

strawsclose7 DSC_0451 straws3 strawsclose3 strawsclose2

I personally love the idea of using mason jars as glasses.  There are so many ways to use mason jars, it’s ridiculous!  Fill yours with pink lemonade, or juice, and fancy it up with a pretty little ribbon!


Reading Space

Reading Space

Yellow rug
$330 –

Sterling book end

Oasis flat
$56 –

Art deco furniture
$1,125 –

Gold coffee table

Chair Makeover

Digging through my parents’ attic, I found this chair (my great grandmas)  that I had in my bedroom at some point during my youth…hence the pink paint and (not pictured) ballerina print seat.  I decided to give it a more mature makeover.

Check out my before and afters!


beforefront sanding

I decided to sand off some of the paint before repainting it.  The pink paint was acrylic which would’ve gotten pretty sticky if I had tried taking it off with acetone.  Instead of using an alternative, I just decided to sand some off instead since the chair is made of Oak.  Paint tends to really work its way into oak…so it probably would’ve been more of a pain to try to remove the paint just to put on more.

spray closestrton

The lovely result.  I went with a bronzy-gold spray paint, and found some striped fabric sitting idle in my sewing room that I thought would be the perfect complement to the gold chair.


Being an elderly chair, this chair has had mannnnny lives as I was able to discover from the 5 or so different fabrics that had been upholstered onto to seat. ;)

All in all, I am very pleased with how it turned out!!

A Croquet Kind of Day

About a week ago, I did a little garage sifting to find my mom’s old Schwinn bike so I could take the bike ride I’d been longing for.  You know how garages are…you clean them and they just get stuffed full of stuff again.  Well, as the story goes…this led to some unleashing of little hidden treasures.  One of these treasures was my Grandpa’s very vintage Croquet set.

I have a few memories of him teaching all of us grand-daughters how to play Croquet…so the hubby (making a cameo appearance in this post) and I thought we’d give it another try.

croclose3 croquetwrt croquet

Croquet is a lost sport I think, at least in the U.S.  It should be brought back!  Croquet was a popular game back in the late 19th, early 20th century…and a fashionable one at that.

calback2 calclose brogueshoe calfull3

Wearing H&M stripe blazer and white pencil skirt; coral button up by Antonio Melani; Steve Madden brogues, similar here; thrifted Kenneth Cole belt.  Hubby is wearing Ralph Lauren polo shirt.

jhit1 jhitstnd jlasthit redblueclosest

I don’t think either of us will become pro Croquet-ers any time soon… but it’s a fun game for the nostalgia of it, if anything.  Like Bocce ball, croquet would also be a great idea for entertaining guests!

DIY Foiled Picture Frame

Just recently, I learned how to decoupage using a common kitchen item: Aluminum Foil. (Thanks, Aunt Gina!)  I’ve been calling it ‘foiling’.  Today, I’m going to show you how you can ‘foil’ a picture frame!  In just a few steps, the result is a metal looking finished piece.


–What You’ll Need–

-Bare picture frame (no glass or mat)

-Aluminum foil

-Tacky glue

-Black acrylic paint

-Sponge brush

-Cup of water

-Dish or plastic plate for paint


1. Find an open space you can use to lay out some newspaper, or cloth or something to work on.

2. Unroll about 2 or 2 1/2 feet of foil and tear it off with your hands, don’t use the serated edge on the box because you want to have uneven edges since they blend better.


3. Crumple up the foil into a loose ball. Don’t make it really tight.


4.  Uncrumple the foil ball, so you have a wrinkled looking sheet of foil.


5.  On the matte side of the foil, spread tacky glue.  Use the sponge brush to spread the glue all over the sheet.

glue glue2 glue3

6.  Drape it over the frame and press, making sure you’re pressing in any ridges from the frame and so the foil is as tightly pressed down as you can get it.  Do this over the entire frame.


7.  Here’s what your frame should be looking like… and if you need to, patch any necessary areas around the frame after you have the whole thing covered.


8.  Water down some black acrylic paint, and use the sponge brush to paint over the entire frame.


9.  If you painted it on a little too thick, you can use a rag to soak up any extra paint.


10.  Let dry, and you’re ready to frame your favorite photo!!

finframe corner

:) As always, let me know if you try it and show me how it turned out!