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Petal Pink

Happy Easter!  I hope everyone had a lovely holiday.  It was an absolutely BEA-utiful day for us here in CLE, which is usually a hit or miss for this annual special Sunday.  But when we do get a warm and sunny one, it makes this Spring holiday that much sweeter.

Today, I wanted to share this pink petal coat (freshly finished) project of mine.  I was inspired by a street-wear picture I came across a very long time ago and loved it so much that decided to give it a go myself by upcycling an old coat.  I’m extremely excited with how it turned out.

BEFOREpink coat (5)

pink coat (3) pink coat (1) pink coat (11)

I don’t know what it is about this color, and I know I’ve said this multiple times before, but I truly love it, especially for the Spring.  It just suits the season perfectly, I think.

pink coat (13) pink coat (17) pink coat (18) pink coat (19)

It’s so exciting to finally see green sprouts showing up everywhere!  A couple days ago it seemed like Mother Nature just flipped the on-switch for Spring…everything had become noticeably greener, which is just so very inspirational and reassuring.

pink coat (6) pink coat (10) pink coat (8) pink coat (15) pink coat (16) pink coat (14) pink coat (12)

Our yummy Easter creations this year. >:o)


pink coat (20)



Dress-Antonio Melani from Dillard’s (n/a)
Shoes-Jessica Simpson (n/a)
Necklace-made it
Upcycled coat

Pints and Panache

One week later, and there’s still plenty of snow on the ground and water turned to ice…we even dipped down to about 15 degrees the other day, which is definitely a temperature more suited for January of February here in our neck of the woods. However, I am plenty thankful we have not gotten 6+ feet of snow like some of our Great Lakes neighbors…I can’t imagine how difficult that has to be, thoughts and prayers for anyone having to experience that.

Yesterday, we took a little stroll down in the CLE Metroparks to see some snow covered grounds and iced over rivers. I will say, even though it is freezing, Winter nature can be very beautiful.







Wearing a sweater vest, (literally!) that I constructed from a sweater and an old vest. Scarf from a market in London, skirt made by me last year in a desperation for a light brown skirt, boots by Sorel (link below), hat with feather pom from Target a few years back. Mom’s vintage tooled leather purse, coat by Calvin Klein.




These are my most favorite Winter boots-by Sorel. Very warm, very comfy. You can find some here.







Anyone else see the lady face in this ice? ;)




Don’t worry, at least one of these Guinness glasses actually had Guinness in it, post photo opp. ;)


After a little CLE Metroparks exploration, we decided to go to P.J. McIntyre’s in West Park for dinner. It’s an Irish Pub with delicious Irish fare and drinks. I got a traditional Irish Full Breakfast which consisted of bangers, potatoes, black and white pudding, tomato, mushrooms, two eggs, beans, ham, and toast. It was. so good. And eating it instantly reminded me of the first time I had a Full Breakfast in England. It’s just a whole lotta good food on one plate. Nice and hearty, great for this cold Winter weather.


The atmosphere is absolutely perfect for a pub, too. Dark wood, barrel tables, fire place…even the floors have this very suitable motif. If you can’t already tell, if you’re in CLE and have never been, or you’re visiting and want somewhere to go, check it out!


Le Petit Post

Sorry it’s been a while! June is always a super busy month , it seems.  So this is going to be a small post, too. 
I just wanted to share a couple photos from our dinner last week at Le Petit Triangle in Ohio City.  We had only gotten brunch there before, which was equally as fantastic.
First, they have a really great cocktail list, but for dinner I got a yummy steak and the husband got a chicken dish with mostly lemon and olive flavors.  For dessert, we split one of their amazing chocolate souflees.  One thing I love about their menu is how perfect the portions are. Not too much or too little.




Le Petit Triangle, my friends, is one of CLEs gems. Give it a go. You will leave perfectly satisfied.

14 Days of Valentine Ideas-Day 12

A sweet for your Sweet! This one is tooo simple, but sure to be appreciated by the special someone in your life.  Who doesn’t like to get a bag full of their favorite cookies?!  Uh, no one!


Take a visit to your beloved’s favorite bakery, or bake them their all time favorite cookie and just like the popcorn post, put them in a cellophane bag, tie with a pretty ribbon bow and if you’d like, a hang tag with a cute little phrase like ‘A sweet for my Sweet”!





You could also use these as party favors-with a ‘So Sweet of You to Stop By!’ tag, or add them to a cute Valentine’s day gift basket!

Stop back tomorrow for a Valentine’s Day fashion idea! :)

14 Days of Valentine Ideas-Day 11

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching! Day 11 brings you another yummy idea-Heart shaped french toast! It will make your sweetheart’s heart melt, and hopefully their mouth too! :d  For this recipe, I stuffed the French toast with strawberries and chocolate chips.  Use what your heart desires! (no pun intended)  I’ve also seen strawberries and nutella! Yum :d  I’ve tried blueberries and cream cheese too-which is very tasty as well.


-What you’ll need-




Heart shaped cookie cutter


Chocolate chips


Mix your French toast mixture together (eggs, milk-add cinnamon if you please!)
Thinly slice some strawberries.
Use the cookie cutter to cut the bread into heart shapes.





Soak one piece in the mixture, throw on the skillet and immediately spread sliced strawberries and chocolate chips on the bread. Soak second piece and place on top of the first to make a sandwich.
Cook until chocolate chips start to melt and bread is slightly browned on both sides.



Serve with some coffee and OJ!! (And whipped cream on top! :d) Enjoy!

14 Days of Valentine Ideas- Day 10

‘You Make My Heart POP”!  A very simple Valentine trinket for your special sweetie.  Just pop some popcorn, melt a little chocolate, and type up a cute hang tag!


I am a popcorn lover if you’ve ever met one, unfortunately, a ton of popcorn reaps havoc on my insides.  Regardless, the smell of popcorn is a yummy perfume to my nose…so when I make popcorn I like to make it the old fashioned way-on the stove.  So bring out your kettle, oil, and kernels and pop away!  I promise, the popcorn made on a stove is way better than the ready in a minute microwave kind.

-What you’ll need-

popcorn kernels

vegetable oil

salt and some melted butter

chocolate (optional)

cellophane party bags (found at party store or in the baking isle at the grocery store).


hang tag and single hold punch

Pop the popcorn ( Note* Measurements should be on the back of the popcorn package-I recommend heating the oil first, and then throwing in a few test kernels before you throw them all in there).


Make sure you don’t keep the heat very high, medium heat is fine.  After all the kernels are in the kettle, make sure you keep lifting and shaking the kettle so the kernels get evenly distributed in the oil and don’t burn. 

Melt your chocolate, in the microwave is easiest, but only melt it in about 30 second intervals so it doesn’t burn.  Lay your popcorn out on some foil or wax paper on a cookie sheet.  Using a spoon, drizzle chocolate all over your popcorn.




Let cool, and then put into your plastic party bags.  Tie with a ribbon, secure your hang tag and finish your ribbon in a bow.

Now you’re all set to make your sweetie’s heart pop! (Not literally, of course ;) )

Another great use for bags of Valentine popcorn would be as your Valentine’s Day party favors! Instead, your hang tag could say ‘Thanks for poppin’ by! ;)


Stay tuned for another yummy Valentine Idea tomorrow! :d

NYE Traditions

I love New Year’s Eve.  It’s always fun to spend the time with your friends and family…hanging out, having a good time, and eating yummy food.

Usually, the hubby and I have some idea of what to do on New Year’s Eve every year.  Like the past few years, we had gone to the Cleveland Pop’s Orchestra concert on New Year’s Eve, and every year it has been a blast.  You go to Severance Hall on University Circle, have a yummy dinner at their restaurant, grab a cocktail, and then enjoy a beautiful concert….after that there’s more cocktails, more music, and hanging out at Severance until it’s time for the countdown accompanied by MANY balloons and confetti.  Now that spells F.U.N. for a NYE in Cleveland.

This year though, we stayed pretty low key and had a lovely dinner with our parents and friends.  Since I can remember, my family would have a homemade Italian meal on NYE and just hang out together and have a good time waiting for the ball to drop.  Well, that’s exactly what we did this year.  We revisited an old tradition, that I must admit was dearly missed.  Maybe next year we’ll stick with the tradition.


cntrpc cndl napkin redblb grtlks

The BEST Christmas Ale around….I may be a tad bias, but I haven’t found one I like better ;)

drinks tomatos

Tomato, basil, mozzarella skewers.


Homemade pasta! :d  A very simple recipe of 3 cups flour, 4 eggs, 1/4 c white wine, and a dash of salt.  Roll into a ball, let it sit a half hour or so.  Cut into chunks, flatten, and put through the pasta maker!


I just bought this cookbook called The Little Paris Kitchen by Rachel Khoo.  While everything in this cookbook looks extremely delicious, I was pretty anxious to try the chocolate mousse, and man am I glad I did…I am not exaggerating when I say that this is probably the best mousse recipe I’ve come across.  It was the smoothest, most velvety mousse I’ve ever had. :d


Homemade mini Napoleons.  De-licious. :d


horns popp

What’s New Year’s Eve without some hats, horns, and poppers??!


This goofy little cat is a pretty mischievous one despite her sleepy face in this photo.  You know what they say, looks can be deceiving. ;)


Happy New Year!!! :)

A Weekend on the Lake

There’s something about waterfronts that just draw me in… they feel so natural to me… so calm and peaceful.  Perhaps it’s from growing up and living so close to the Lake Erie lakefront.  And while these pictures aren’t from one of the Great Lakes, it is still a pretty great lake. 

We spent the weekened on Lake Canandaigua for a wedding.  This was the only other Fingerlake other than Lake Seneca that I’d been to, and it was lovely. 

sunrise1 boathouses2 seaguls lake boatwater boat1 wheel2

I’m sure a ride around the Lake on this boat would be a lot of fun in the summer.

boattop redtree1 



A beautiful little park just off the lake.



Isn’t this one of the coolest benches you’ve ever seen?!



Lake Canandaigua is a very beautiful area, and so much to do even in this cold weather- like visiting some of the wineries!!  We visited one called Wilhelmus Estate Winery and did a little tasting.  My favorite wine was the Traminette wine-very tasty!! 

In addition to wineries, there are so many cute little shops in the center of town, including many Antiquing opportunities and some delicious little restaurants.  I unfortunately did not snap pictures of the town and the restaurants we visited, but I can say I had some of the yummiest Eggs Benedict crepes from Simply Crepes…it had a very lovely French themed atmosphere, and you could stand and watch your crepes being made if you’d like.  One thing I regret is not buying a can of the crepe mix!  Bummer! But hey, next time! and next time, I’ll have to try the dessert flavors! ;)


LBD-Parisian Style: Part TROIS

Here is the third part to my Parisian Style series, inspired by the book: Parisian Chic.  The Little Black Dress, or LBD as it is more commonly referred to, is (like the other two looks) VERY versatile.  LBD’s are appropriate for just about any occasion since they are basically blank palettes you can be creative with and style to your liking.

photo cutncklc vino pour2


This is what I used the baguette for from Part Deux…delicious open faced sandwiches.  I really have a lot of fun making different open faced sandwiches.  They’re great light lunches that are still pretty filling.  For these I used:

Olive oil



Garlic and Onion powder

Chives, Basil and Rosemary (fresh!)

Sprinkle of salt

First, I sprinkled the bread with some olive oil.  Then I layered on some mozzerella cheese and tomato.  Next is the chives, basil and rosemary.  Finish with a sprinkling of garlic and onion powder, and salt.  I broiled them on high for 5 minutes.  Delicious with a glass of red wine!


vinoglass Copy of shoe3

LBD from H&M; Necklace is vintage; shoes by Nine West.; Jessica Simpson sunglasses.