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Springing Up Spring

Springing Up Spring


I don’t know about everyone else, but I’m sure ready for Spring to get here. Inevitably, the weather warm-up means challenging wardrobe decisions. It sometimes takes a lot of effort to resist the urge to dress in anything that says “It’s warm outside!” I am a natural freeze baby, so I am one of those people that carries a sweater in my purse at all times…even when it’s an 85 degree July day (air conditioning, people!) My cool blood temp is probably also what reminds me to still wear long sleeves, closed toed shoes, or layers when the weather starts to break in the Spring because I know that if I get too warm-weather excited, I’ll regret it within the next couple days when I wake up with an “I told you so” cold.
 Above, I put together what I would consider to be a pre-Spring appropriate outfit. It brings out those expected petal shades, but the long sleeves, jeans, and booties still keep in the heat for when the sun goes down and the air turns cool again.
A Crocus flower that is about to bloom means Spring is on its way! :)

Building a Capsule Wardrobe

Building a Capsule Wardrobe


Lately, I’ve been visiting the idea of creating a capsule wardrobe.  The holidays and the months following always make me realize how much stuff I have and how much of it I probably don’t need, which in turn ignites a major purge of said stuff. Of course a lot of that stuff includes clothing, shoes, and accessories.  I think for a lot of people, it can get to a point where getting dressed in the morning is more of a chore because you are overwhelmed with choices instead of faced with simple, stylish decisions.  Honestly, that may be why a capsule wardrobe sounds the most appealing to me…ease.  Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE styling and putting things together, but I also very much appreciate simplicity and well-made pieces with great design elements.

Above are some of the pieces I consider to be staples in a wardrobe, most of which I have variations of myself and are often items I continue to go back to.  I’d say it’s a good start to building a great capsule wardrobe.



Spring Transition

Spring Transition

Green Envy

Green Envy
Happy St. Patrick’s Day! In honor of this holiday, I thought I’d post this awesome green dress from Anthropologie that currently has me swooning.  What a beautiful emerald green it is, too.  My mouth dropped when I found these earrings…both for their beauty, and their price tag. 8-O
I think I’d likely wear this ensemble to a Spring bridal shower, or something of the like.

Mois de L’amour

Mois de L'amour

It’s nearing Valentine’s day, so she opted to wear her red Diane Von Ferstenburg dress to bask in the mood of the approaching holiday, although Paris is always in the mood. She clasps her gold Michael Kors chain link watch and throws on a dainty long gold necklace. She walks to her vanity to put on a little bit of make-up…easy on the eyeliner and light on the blush since she decided to wear a bold red lip with her ensemble. She then throws her hair up in a messy sort of coif and secures it with a few bobby pins. She springs out of her chair to find the black leather ankle strap heels from her rather disoriented closet, all the while her cat Georgie is following her every move, trying to get her attention. Noticing Georgie while grabbing her shoes, she says “Bien, Georgie” and wanders into the kitchen to find the hungry little feline a snack. Georgie seems pleased with the whitefish scraps leftover from last night’s dinner.

Finally, she’s ready to head to the farmer’s market to pick up some fresh flowers and produce before she meets her beau for an exciting date at a wonderful new restaurant they’ve been aching to try. She grabs her vintage mink coat, and black leather tote-it’s still pretty chilly in February, and a tote is a good size to hold the flowers and produce, plus whatever else catches her fancy at the farmer’s market on this brisk February day in the city of lights.

Springing into Spring

Springing into Spring

Every single Spring season I find myself gravitating toward yellow. I just think it’s a really great Spring statement color. So, while playing around on Polyvore, I chose to make a ‘work wear’ set around this lovely yellow dress by John Lewis. Since it’s still a little cool this time of year (at least on this side of the country ;p) I would definitely pair it with a little leather jacket, especially white because it’s definitely more of a Spring appropriate color for a leather jacket. The hint of a third color comes in with the greyish blue color blocked purse. Shades of blue and yellow pair well together. And of course, I have to add a little whimsy to the whole ensemble with the vintage daisy bracelet and flower shaped earrings ;)

Color of Spring-Dusty Rose

Color of Spring-Dusty Rose


I’ve been starting to notice that this ‘dusty rose’ color is popping up among retailers in their Spring reciepts.  It’s a pretty color.  Sort of a hybrid of blush and lavender.  And probably one you can wear as subtly as you want-like on your lips, or as a statement color-like with a cool jacket or pant.

I think my personal favorite from this set is the pocket square (Reiss Winehouse-link above).  You rarely see pocket squares anymore… but what a good way to add a touch of ‘dusty rose’ to a Spring ensemble.

Blushing Beauty

Blushing Beauty

Topshop crop top

RED Valentino leather skirt

House of harlow 1960


Chanel blush

Christian dior fragrance
$71 –

Christian dior


As some of you may know, I’ve always loved blush…and I love it even more as it’s become a new ‘neutral’.  Blush truly goes with just about every other color, like any other neutral does.

I’m also really into this crop top trend.  They’re great for these hot days…but also could work as a transition from late summer to early fall, especially if you pair one with a leather swing skirt, with a blush colored blazer to throw on when it cools down.  There’s a similar (not quite as pricey) swing skirt here.

P.S.  This Dior lip balm is the best thing for your lips.  It really moisturizes, but it turns your lips your perfect natural shade of pink because it works with your own body chemistry…pretty cool!!

Theme Dressing…It Can Work.

I don’t know about you, but I quite enjoy some ‘theme dressing’ from time to time…you’re probably thinking…what is she talking about?  Well, I’ll tell you.

We read all of these fashion magazines and blogs and other meccas of fashion information that tell us what to wear and what NOT to wear…how to effectively put together a cohesive outfit that isn’t ‘over the top’ or ‘costumey’…

To me, ‘costumey’ means…’you should be at Monster Mash’.  Whereas, ‘themed’ is more ‘inspired by:’  Here’s the thing, if you’re going for a particular look , or if you’re just inspired by a certain era, why not ‘theme’ dress?  Besides, it adds just a bit of whimsy to life.  And who doesn’t like a little whimsy? :)

Well, here’s my themed outfit.  Cue: 1925.  ONE of my very FAVORITE fashion decades.  The 20’s were full of glamour and lust, shiny, sparkly, overindulgence.  Think ‘The Great Gatsby‘, which is what inspired me (and I’m sure many others right now, as well).


lean hip3 topclose skrt

Beaded tank by Awake Couture, Vintage gold skirt, Vince Camuto sparkle heels from Dillard’s, Necklace from Urban Outfitters a few years back.

skrttop topsktswng smile

I’m happy to say that this was my very first attempt at a faux bob hairstyle!  And to toot my own horn,  I was pretty impressed with my first try.  :p  It was actually pretty simple… I just pulled all of my hair into an elastic at the length I wanted the bob, (and let some of the shorter layer pieces fall naturally).  Then I just tucked the pony tail under and pinned it, along with the rest of the shorter layers.

Wearing Dior Style Liner, and Addict Lipstick in ‘Daring’.



Spin!  It’ll also add a little whimsy! :)

Shorts and Chambray

Shorts and Chambray

Madewell shirt top

Slip on boots

Swarovski crystal jewelry

FOSSIL buckle belt

White fedora hat