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A Very Cleveland Valentine’s Day

Well Ohio’s mother nature didn’t let us down today… Staying true to valentine’s day form… She gave us a blizzard.  You can pretty much count on the presence of snow in Ohio every February 14th.

To celebrate the holiday of love, we stopped by the Akron Art Museum before getting some lunch downtown. The weather got pretty bad after that so we picked up some movies then decided to veg the rest of the day. What a great idea, too.  With this blizzard… movies, chocolate, and a Great Lakes sounded like a perfectly Cleveland way to spend a snowy Valentine’s Day in Ohio.



An inside view of the museum (which has amazing architecture).


The day wouldn’t have been complete without some Malley’s Chocolate.


…(or Ferrero Rocher) :D



This awesome candle holder is made from a piece of a wine barrel.

Hope you all enjoyed your Valentine’s Days!

Happy 4th!

The 4th of July always means sparklers for us. This year we got some pretty rad pictures with them too.

It was a rather cool Fourth this year, which actually, I found a little disappointing. I was all for the 85 and humid weather we usually find ourselves complaining about. ;p It is July after all.






Hope everyone had a safe and Happy Fourth! :)

Running Around CLE






Today was the day of the Cleveland marathon. It turned out to be a beautiful day for it compared to last year’s intense heat. The course was a little different this year too, starting by the newly refinished Mall (no, not the shopping kind) and Convention center near the lakefront.

It’s always fun to run around CLE to follow your friends and family on different areas of the course. And you will no doubtedly end up with some awesome pictures…especially if it’s on a clear and beautiful spring day in Cleveland.

I tell myself every year after watching the marathon that I too, am going to get my butt out there and start running. I always end up feeling super motivated by all the runners, and by seeing the camaraderie that happens among them…if a fellow runner is struggling, they have got each others backs…sometimes literally. That, to me, is a sign of honest and true sportsmanship… and who wouldn’t want to be a part of that?




14 Days of Valentine Ideas- Day 3

A Valentine’s Day classic is a bouquet of a dozen red roses!  This year, instead of giving your sweetie real roses, opt for paper roses!!  With paper roses, your love can save them forever!

DSC_0640 DSC_0644 DSC_0658 

This particular bouquet was made by me!  I’ve started making bridal accessories and paper flowers!  It can be found in my Etsy shop here.  Hope you enjoy! :)

A Visit to University Circle

Yesterday we made a visit to University Circle in CLE, and the Cleveland Museum of Art.  I know I’ve posted about the museum a few times, but it is just such a lovely place to visit in Cleveland.  It’s been renovated quite a bit and it looks outstanding.  The cafe is delicious, the new atrium is awesome, and just recently the East Wing reopened.  The CLE Art Museum looks better every time I visit it…which is a really inspiring thing to see.

fountain1 walk walk2 chalk1


These chalk drawings are from the annual Chalk Festival the CLE Art Museum holds every September.  It’s for children and adults, amateurs and pros.  You can buy a square on the paths and then draw away. :)


View of Wade Lagoon.



Wearing Jessica Simpson jeggings-one of my favorite fall go-tos;  white t-shirt tunic by Pure & Good from Anthropologie (an appropriate thing to wear with leggings!  Cover your *ahem* bum, ladies)! thrifted Paul Smith blazer; Mom’s boots and purse; necklace made by me; cat-eye sunglasses also Jessica Simpson.
museum willow1 willow2


These pics are from Wade Lagoon-a little park-like area surrounding the museum. The willow trees all around are so beautiful.

Your Wardrobe Tool: A Color Wheel

Color Wheels are a GREAT tool to have, regardless of your ar-teest status.  I like to keep one hanging in or around my closet because it helps inspire me to experiment with different color combinations.  This one below is the one I use.  It’s perfect because it has little windows to show you what colors result from adding black or white, or the primary colors.  You can find a color wheel in the art section of craft stores, or at any specialty art store.

Here’s a little run down on  how a color wheel works:  You have your primary colors: RED, YELLOW, BLUE.  These are the colors that cannot be made by mixing any other two colors together.   Then you have secondary colors: ORANGE, GREEN, PURPLE/VIOLET.  These are colors that are made from combining two primary colors.  (Red + yellow=orange; Yellow+blue=green; Red+blue=purple).  And then there are the tertiary colors: Yellow-green, Yellow-orange, Blue-green, Blue-violet, Red-orange, Red-violet,  These are the colors that result from combining a primary color and a secondary color.

Then you have Complementary colors.  Complementary colors are the opposite each other on the color wheel.  So, green complements red; Violet complements yellow; Orange complements blue, etc.  A lot of complementary colors actually look very good together.  Or variations of, such as tinted (white added) blue-green with tinted red-orange.

colorwheelHere is the Pantone color report for Fall 2013, and next Spring 2014.



Try ‘Acai’ with ‘Linden Green’…  Or ‘Emerald’ with ‘Koi’…. or ‘Mykonos Blue’ with ‘Koi’…. ‘Linden Green’ with ‘Deep Lichen Green’ and ‘Carafe’…’Vivacious’ with ‘Acai’ and ‘Turbulence’…




I love to check the Pantone color reports each season.  It helps you know which colors are predicted to be on trend, and in turn helps you decide what to look for when shopping for some new wardrobe pieces each season. ;)  I can say I’ve definitely noticed stores carrying some of the colors in the Fall color report.  Especially the ‘Samba’ red hue (a color I just bought a sweater in)!  And looking at the Spring 2014 color report makes me excited to see what designers will be putting out for the upcoming Spring season.  It’s nice to see that they are more vibrant than the usual spring pastels.


OK, if you’re already a master of color mixing or if you’re someone who says “I love this ___, but I don’t know what colors to wear with it!”  You need to get yourself a color wheel, pronto!!  The great thing about the one above /\ is that it allows you to see hues (pure color), shades (with black added), tints (with white added), and tones (with gray added).  So instead of just red, you can see what red looks like when white is added.  With this kind of color wheel, you’ll have a much broader color spectrum to experiment from.


Summer Maxi

Just another blogfit from a warm summer afternoon, and another visit to the CLE Museum of Art.



This is one of the two maxi dresses I own.  I absolutely love it for it’s versatility…not only can it be casual, but I’ve also worn it to a summer wedding, which it’s perfect for.

maxi dress: Dillard’s; khaki jacket: H&M; sandals: Target, similar here; purse: vintage; belt: thrifted Kenneth Cole.


laugh purse

I absolutely love this leather purse.  It was my moms, but she doesn’t remember where it came from…so it will forever be a mystery unless she remembers its origin.  :p



There was a very pretty Wisteria vine growing just over that marble bench behind me.  It smelled lovely.

Tower in the Spring

Headed downtown this morning to cheer in the Cleveland Marathon runners. Got some great pics, including the photogenic Terminal Tower…looking beautiful on this lovely Spring day.