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A Very Cleveland Valentine’s Day

Well Ohio’s mother nature didn’t let us down today… Staying true to valentine’s day form… She gave us a blizzard.  You can pretty much count on the presence of snow in Ohio every February 14th.

To celebrate the holiday of love, we stopped by the Akron Art Museum before getting some lunch downtown. The weather got pretty bad after that so we picked up some movies then decided to veg the rest of the day. What a great idea, too.  With this blizzard… movies, chocolate, and a Great Lakes sounded like a perfectly Cleveland way to spend a snowy Valentine’s Day in Ohio.



An inside view of the museum (which has amazing architecture).


The day wouldn’t have been complete without some Malley’s Chocolate.


…(or Ferrero Rocher) :D



This awesome candle holder is made from a piece of a wine barrel.

Hope you all enjoyed your Valentine’s Days!

Running Around CLE






Today was the day of the Cleveland marathon. It turned out to be a beautiful day for it compared to last year’s intense heat. The course was a little different this year too, starting by the newly refinished Mall (no, not the shopping kind) and Convention center near the lakefront.

It’s always fun to run around CLE to follow your friends and family on different areas of the course. And you will no doubtedly end up with some awesome pictures…especially if it’s on a clear and beautiful spring day in Cleveland.

I tell myself every year after watching the marathon that I too, am going to get my butt out there and start running. I always end up feeling super motivated by all the runners, and by seeing the camaraderie that happens among them…if a fellow runner is struggling, they have got each others backs…sometimes literally. That, to me, is a sign of honest and true sportsmanship… and who wouldn’t want to be a part of that?




A Visit to University Circle

Yesterday we made a visit to University Circle in CLE, and the Cleveland Museum of Art.  I know I’ve posted about the museum a few times, but it is just such a lovely place to visit in Cleveland.  It’s been renovated quite a bit and it looks outstanding.  The cafe is delicious, the new atrium is awesome, and just recently the East Wing reopened.  The CLE Art Museum looks better every time I visit it…which is a really inspiring thing to see.

fountain1 walk walk2 chalk1


These chalk drawings are from the annual Chalk Festival the CLE Art Museum holds every September.  It’s for children and adults, amateurs and pros.  You can buy a square on the paths and then draw away. :)


View of Wade Lagoon.



Wearing Jessica Simpson jeggings-one of my favorite fall go-tos;  white t-shirt tunic by Pure & Good from Anthropologie (an appropriate thing to wear with leggings!  Cover your *ahem* bum, ladies)! thrifted Paul Smith blazer; Mom’s boots and purse; necklace made by me; cat-eye sunglasses also Jessica Simpson.
museum willow1 willow2


These pics are from Wade Lagoon-a little park-like area surrounding the museum. The willow trees all around are so beautiful.

A Day at Put-in-Bay

Well, last week the hubby and I decided to head up to Put-in-Bay for a day trip to celebrate our anniversary.  Being the off season, it was a much quieter trip than on a summer day.   In some ways, we thought that was better because it was a little more peaceful and not as crowded with tourists.  The downside was that most places opened later than usual, or not at all.

Regardless, we had a fun time bike riding around the island, enjoying a delicious little breakfast, some wine from Heineman’s Winery, (also home of the world’s largest geode) a game of putt-putt, and a delicious bowl of lobster bisque    From  The Upper Deck of the Boardwalk.


View at Port Clinton where you take the ferry to PIB.  We were there bright and early and caught a glimpse of the sun trying to peek out of the overcast sky.



It was a tad eery to be on the island so early when not much was open yet.  This carousal never did open…but seeing it covered up early in the morning, with no one around and a gray sky was a very sad scene.  Like it was telling everyone summer was officially over because the tarp was on the merry-go-round.

image image image image

Perry’s Monument and the legendary “Don’t Give Up the Ship”! flag (in the visitor center) from the Battle of Lake Erie-which celebrated its bicentennial this year just a couple weeks ago.


Put-In-Bay has some very pretty Victorian homes.  This one is just past the monument.  A beauty, for sure.

It was pretty windy on the island, and that was enhanced while bike riding…combined with the Lake breeze and it was a tad chilly, and definitely Fall feeling unless the sun decided to make an appearance.

That made us wonder about the few people that stay on the island throughout winter.  It would be a very interesting experience to say the least.  But personally, I don’t think I could do that without going a little nutty.  You’re basically stranded for a whole season.  The ferries stop running in October, and after that…you stay put. (no pun intended) ;)  And with the bitter winters we experience in CLE, I wouldn’t imagine it being too awesome right on the water. Brrr.  But really, just the thought of not being able to leave unless it involves aviation, stirs up a little anxiety in me.  Major props to those who stay year round.


Lake Erie.  It gets a bad rep, but hey…it’s got some interesting history, the perch is pretty good, and the view isn’t too bad either.  ;)

Tower in the Spring

Headed downtown this morning to cheer in the Cleveland Marathon runners. Got some great pics, including the photogenic Terminal Tower…looking beautiful on this lovely Spring day.

CLE Museum of Art

Stopped by the Cleveland Museum of Art the other day, on a beautiful day, no less.  Luckily, that served me well to snap some great pics of the front of the museum…which after a long period of renovation is now finally open for entrance.

fountainThis is a picture of The Fountain of the Waters and University Circle.  It’s absolutely beautiful this time of year with everything starting to bloom.

As we walked in I said, “I don’t remember the last time I came into the museum through this entrance…” But my thought was cut off by the sound of a beautiful choir singing in Latin…or what we thought was a choir.  As we followed the sound of the music into the Read Gallery, we came to realize that it was not actually a choir, but rather a sound installation.  There were 40 speakers set up in a circle as part of this ’40 Part Motet’ exhibit by Janet Cardiff.

I cannot even begin to describe how awesome I thought this exhibit was.  Each person from this choir was recorded individually, so you could literally stand right next to each speaker and hear just that person…but when you stepped back into the circle of speakers, you heard the choir as a whole.  And I’m not sure if it was because they were singing in Latin, and the installation was in the Gallery that holds many Renaissance paintings, but it truly became a very touching experience.  I think for some, even emotional.  I saw one woman just sitting on the bench with her eyes closed, probably just taking it all in.

Unfortunately, I was unable to take any audio and was so caught up in the surprise of this amazing installation that I completely forgot to even take photos.  But you can learn more about it here.  And if you are in the Cleveland area-local or visiting- I highly recommend seeing this exhibit if you can.  It is only at the museum until the 9th of June.


I absolutely love how these photos of our statue of The Thinker turned out.  The original The Thinker by Rodin is in Paris, but there were several bronze casts made that other museums around the world house.  Cleveland is one of those museums. Unfortunately, our statue of The Thinker was the target of some vandalism back in the 70’s, which is why it looks sort of peeled back at the bottom.


I think it’s clear that Cleveland owns the most unique of The Thinker bronze replicas, and that alone should make anyone want to come see our beautiful Art Museum.

Isn’t it Grand?

Sorry for the delay in posts! I’m spending a little time in the NYC region, so here’s a couple pics I thought were pretty cool.


THE skyline.


I <3 NY.


 For as many times as I’ve been to the city, this was actually the first I had ever gone to Grand Central Station.  Such a beautiful building.  The architecture is awesome, as all historic NY buildings are.  The inside of Grand Central truly fits its namesake…grand.

More to come soon!