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Breathing in Spring

Have you ever noticed how each season has its smells? You know, those really distinct aromas you immediately associate with that season?  In Fall it’s the smell of crunchy falling leaves, the brisk air, and bonfires….in Winter the air is so cold that it smells like nothing, just …icy.  And when you breathe it in you can feel it in your lungs right away so much that you start coughing. In Spring though…everything smells so fresh.  It smells damp from the rain, green…you know, plant-y?

After this winter, believe me I’ve been taking in Spring.  Enjoying the sunshine and comfortably warm temperatures, taking deep breaths of those wonderful Spring smells and scenes.

Today we stopped by the Ledges (aka Ritchies Ledges) at Virginia Kendall Park in Cuyahoga Valley National Park.  These rock formations are really incredible to see, especially after learning how old some of the rock actually is (thousands of years+).  We also learned a little about some Ohio biology history from a park volunteer-like how Northern Ohio has no native Earth worms, and why certain trees thrive here and others don’t, and a slew of other Ohio nature facts.

I admit, there are times where I feel like we’re pretty spoiled here in Ohio with the easy access to the expansive Metroparks and a pretty wonderful National Park.  There are so many wonderful pockets within them, all of which serve as such a great place for all sorts of activities, or even as a place to go to re-gather your mind… and just breathe.


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The ledges…really, my pictures don’t do these rocks justice.

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Found this picnic table nestled within the trees off of the trail.  A great little hideaway spot for a Spring picnic.


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Stumbled upon this guy while he was dangling in mid-air by his silk string (is that what it’s called? [probably not]) He was kind of swinging back and forth and then stuck his landing on my sleeve. :) No worries, we safely moved him back to a tree. ;)

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Wearing a Gap blouse;

H&M straw fedora and skinny jeans that I deconstructed a little bit;

shoes from Target last year;

and a vintage Coach purse.