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Happy 3rd Birthday PDLS!

Can you believe it!? Polka Dots and Leopard Spots is already 3 years old!! My, how time flies.
I must admit there where times I thought I wouldn’t keep going but I’m happy I have kept going. PDLS has been a very great outlet for me to express things I find interesting, beautiful or inspiring, or just worth the share. I hope you guys have enjoyed the evolution as much as I have. When looking back through much older posts, it’s so great to actually be able to see the progress and is what will keep me improving.

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Image from Pinterest

Image from Pinterest


So thanks guys, for keeping me posting so I can keep you posted! ;)

Furry Finds

Last year I had a few posts featuring some awesome fur pieces that I’ve acquired from my mom whose Grandma worked at a furrier in her day.  I really enjoy playing around with fur coats and ponchos or shawls because being fur, they just have a way of adding so much glamour to an ensemble.  They somehow instantly make you feel like a movie star. 8)

Now I know fur can be a controversial topic.  And if you’re against real fur, faux is always an option.  I, myself opt for vintage, or secondhand furs.  The quality is usually still fantastic, the prices aren’t bad either and the way I see it, if it’s secondhand or vintage, it’s more eco-friendly than buying a real fur that’s brand spankin’ new if you want the real deal.

This particular coat I found at an awesome vintage store on the west side of Cleveland in Lakewood, at Chelsea’s Vintage Clothes and Costume.  I got it for an astounding $70, which is a real steal considering it’s real mink.  There was only a minor repair necessary on the lining before it was back to mint (or mink?) condition. ;)  Chelsea’s is a vintage treasure trove…if you’re in the area and love vintage, stop in but be prepared to spend multiple hours sifting through the endless racks of pieces from various decades.


DSC_0746 bird bath branches DSC_0773 DSC_0787 DSC_0785 DSC_0809 DSC_0857 DSC_0875  IMG_2015_f1 DSC_0819 DSC_0723

I’ve been wanting to wear these high-waisted cream pants for a while…I thrifted them for 99 cents(!) back in the fall and just haven’t worn them.  They’re kind of a medium weight wool so they’re appropriate for this time of year or maybe early spring.  I was pretty excited with the find, so I’m glad I finally found something to pair them with.

This leather purse is my most recent vintage find that I’m quite content with.  A vintage leather Coach purse from the 1970’s.  I found it for about $16 at a vintage store near Akron.  I think what excited me the most about it was when I looked inside to see the Coach stamp and number that read “Made in New York City”.  Unfortunately, that’s not often what you read on labels anymore, let alone in Coach bags.




…and the other furry find of the day… :)


Vintage fur coat-Chelsea’s Vintage and Costume in Lakewood, OH
Cream pants-Thrifted for 99 cents! :)
Kenneth Cole belt-Thrifted
Shoes-DSW clearance about a year ago
Beaded necklace-Urban Outfitters
Leather necklace-made by me
Leather purse-Vintage Coach

Stay tuned for some upcoming fur favored posts! :)

A Very Cleveland Valentine’s Day

Well Ohio’s mother nature didn’t let us down today… Staying true to valentine’s day form… She gave us a blizzard.  You can pretty much count on the presence of snow in Ohio every February 14th.

To celebrate the holiday of love, we stopped by the Akron Art Museum before getting some lunch downtown. The weather got pretty bad after that so we picked up some movies then decided to veg the rest of the day. What a great idea, too.  With this blizzard… movies, chocolate, and a Great Lakes sounded like a perfectly Cleveland way to spend a snowy Valentine’s Day in Ohio.



An inside view of the museum (which has amazing architecture).


The day wouldn’t have been complete without some Malley’s Chocolate.


…(or Ferrero Rocher) :D



This awesome candle holder is made from a piece of a wine barrel.

Hope you all enjoyed your Valentine’s Days!

Find You

Just a little food for thought today. I’m a big quote person…as minute as they may seem, sometimes the impact of a good quote can be quite the contrary, and a lot of the time, serve as a reminder that we’re all in this thing called life together.

Image found on Pinterest.

Remember that sometimes you lose yourself only to find yourself.


Mois de L’amour

Mois de L'amour

It’s nearing Valentine’s day, so she opted to wear her red Diane Von Ferstenburg dress to bask in the mood of the approaching holiday, although Paris is always in the mood. She clasps her gold Michael Kors chain link watch and throws on a dainty long gold necklace. She walks to her vanity to put on a little bit of make-up…easy on the eyeliner and light on the blush since she decided to wear a bold red lip with her ensemble. She then throws her hair up in a messy sort of coif and secures it with a few bobby pins. She springs out of her chair to find the black leather ankle strap heels from her rather disoriented closet, all the while her cat Georgie is following her every move, trying to get her attention. Noticing Georgie while grabbing her shoes, she says “Bien, Georgie” and wanders into the kitchen to find the hungry little feline a snack. Georgie seems pleased with the whitefish scraps leftover from last night’s dinner.

Finally, she’s ready to head to the farmer’s market to pick up some fresh flowers and produce before she meets her beau for an exciting date at a wonderful new restaurant they’ve been aching to try. She grabs her vintage mink coat, and black leather tote-it’s still pretty chilly in February, and a tote is a good size to hold the flowers and produce, plus whatever else catches her fancy at the farmer’s market on this brisk February day in the city of lights.

Mid Morning Meander

Sundays are often ‘lazy days’, I’d say. They’re the recoup day of the week where you should just unwind and take in any sort of inspiration that comes your way. That’s what this Sunday was…a complete relaxation day with nothing paramount to take care of. Just a day of hanging out. And we got a nice day, thankfully. 46 degrees in Cleveland the second week of February is quite a pleasant surprise and most definitely something you take advantage of when it comes your way (No worries, it’s back down to the par 20 degrees it should be ;p ).

We stopped by a winding part of the CLE Metroparks in Hinckley for some photos (the same area where the annual Buzzard Day in Ohio is held. Yes, this part of Ohio is known for Buzzard Day-March 15th-every year since 1957, but more on that come March 15).
















Jacket and Sweater: Dillard’s (n/a)
Jeans: Anthropologie (n/a)
Necklace: Thrifted
Boots: Arturo Chiang (n/a)

Icy Cold

The other day I was saying how I really don’t mind the cold in winter when it’s sunny. It seems like when it’s sunny, you don’t realize how cold it actually is outside. The dreary, overcast skies just keeps the cold prominent, and the desire to hibernate only elevates.

Today, we took some pics along the Cuyahoga River to capture these pretty amazing icicles. One reason I love Ohio is for the beautiful parks, and the wondrous forms of nature you come across because of them. Every season, these parks offer such a variety of beauty. In the Spring and Summer, there’s so much green, in the Fall there are 100 different colors of reds, yellows and oranges, and in the winter there is of course a ton of white, but also awesome ice formations.












Khakis and I have always had a rough relationship. We’ve wanted to be friends, but it’s just been a rocky ride…I keep my expectations high and then often get disappointed. I’m always giving them second and third chances though because I believe in khakis. How can I not? They are an ultimate classic, I just need to be more patient and really let the creativity flow to come up with more options to give them better opportunities…right? ;)






Stay toasty, my friends! :)

Jacket: Buffalo by David Bitten (no longer available)
Sweater: Gap
Tee: Eddie Bauer
Khakis & Headband: Anthropologie, similar here
Scarf: H&M
Booties: Bed Stu
Sunglasses: Calvin Klein

Looking Back to Look Forward

The beginning of the year always becomes a time of reflection for me. Reflection over the past year to discover what I can improve upon in all aspects of my life. I’m a big self-improvement promoter…I think it’s totally honorable to be constantly trying to better yourself and strive for enlightenment and in turn, self actualization. An example: Criticism is okay if it’s critical and you take it critically, not personally. Stress is okay too, depending on how you perceive it.

2014 was a year of learning for me. Life learning especially. Although I’m positive I learned more than 14 things in a year (you learn something everyday, right?) Here are 14 notable things I learned in 2014, and 15 things I want to learn in 2015.

1.) Attitude is truly everything. It’s amazing what happens when you adjust your attitude. PMA guys. Positive Mental Attitude. A PMA is contagious…if you have a good attitude about things, it’s noticeable and addicting to others. It will rub off on those around you because you’re setting a premier example.

2.) How you deal with things is 100% your choice. YOU are the only one in control of your mind. You have freedom of choice. Choose wisely.

3.) To truly stop caring about what others may think. Of you, your life and what you’re doing with it. Put simply, you only stall yourself from your full potential if you are in constant turmoil over others’ opinions. Do your thing and do it proud, even if others are judging you.

4.) Don’t dwell. Dwelling makes you miserable. When you dwell, you’re miserable and when you’re miserable people don’t want to be around you. Go away.

5.) Take a deep breath first. Before lashing out when faced with a stressful situation or experience, take a deep breath and compose yourself before you react. A good piece of advice I’ve grown up with is: ‘Act. Don’t React’. Like above ^, no one wants to be around someone behaving neurotically…go away.

6.) Appreciate and use what you have. This is a big one, I think. In today’s world, it’s way too easy to buy more than you need. I’ve gone on quite a buying fast lately, and it has really helped me save money but it has also helped me get creative again (all that stuff I kept buying was cluttering my creative brain). Instead of looking in my closet and saying the aged old, “I have nothing to wear” I try to look at all that stuff and think…”how can I wear this differently than I usually do?” And this one obviously pertains to more than overstuffed closets.

7.) Learn from your hardships. Often times, the reason we are faced with hardship is because we need to learn something. So, don’t dwell on your hardship, but find the lesson hidden in there and most importantly, learn from it.

8.) Don’t doubt yourself or your potential. Self-doubt is destructive. Kind of links to #2…self-doubt is your choice. If you don’t believe in yourself and what you’re capable of, neither will anyone else.

9.) Help others. This is karma. What goes around comes around. Random acts of kindness as well as charity go a long way. Not only does it benefit the ones you’re helping, it benefits you-it makes you feel good.

10.) Everyone has a story. We are all unique individuals. We each have a personal story, which is undoubtedly interesting because life is interesting.

11.) Face challenges with vigor (physical and mental). Stand up straight, shoulders back, chin up and plow right through. The only way out is through.

12.) Dress for the weather. Both literally and figuratively. No, you shouldn’t wear a tank top in 15 degree weather just like you shouldn’t do something important without being prepared. Bring out your inner boy-scout.

13.) Read. Knowledge is power. No one and nothing can take your knowledge or education away from you. Read to know.

14.) Be interesting. Never say you’re bored…only boring people get bored. ;)

Now, I won’t know exactly what life lessons I may learn this year as I’m sure they’ll be plentiful, so my 15 item list of things to learn in 2015 is a planned one…more or less a set of goals that will hopefully help me grow as a person.

1.) Learn a foreign language. I would like to become bilingual. Of course that is something that will take longer than a year, but this year I will start the learning process.

2.) Listen to more Ted Talks. I have only recently become enamored with Ted Talks, and guys…I’m a little obsessed. So far, I have a list of about 15 that I want to watch. I find them very inspiring and motivating.

3.) Live simpler. Lately, I’ve become more interested in the concept of minimalism. Not to the extreme of course, but with the notion that value is what is important, not the sole acquisition of things. I’ve just about finished reading this book, which has been very helpful.

4.) How to crochet. I’ve got sewing and knitting down, now I’d like to move on to crocheting.

5.) Explore CLE even more. Yes, I’ve been a Clevelander my entire life, but I still have a lot of exploring to do, especially now that our great city is getting its heartbeat back.

6.) (To go along with #3)…Quality over quantity. I’m increasingly aware of the importance of this fact. Quality always goes farther than quantity.

7.) Less TV time, more reading time. I’m sure I will learn more from reading than watching TV.

8.) Body language. I need to learn how to improve my body language. The other day, I was talking to this girl I didn’t know who told me she noticed I was fidgety when I talked-this instantly made me self-conscious because I know I’m fidgety when I’m nervous. It seems body language is often overlooked and I’m convinced (after watching Amy Cuddy’s Ted Talk) that if I learn to fidget less, it will help me overall.

9.) Learn more about antiques. I got all these books a year or so ago that are about everything you need to know in relation to antiques and I have only ready one and a half. I’m inherently interested in antiques as it is, but all the knowledge I can get on the subject is okay with me.

10.) One word. Chocolate. For how much I love chocolate, I find it necessary that I learn more about it and how it is made and perhaps even experiment with chocolate making, myself.

11.) Learn how to stay better organized. I’m one of those people that’s like a half organizer…I like organization, but I can exist okay when things are disorganized because there tends to be a method to the madness. So my problem is more in the maintaining organization.

12.) Retention. I’m reading this book right now called Moonwalking with Einstein, and it’s all about how you can train your brain to remember anything. Something that is indeed a helpful skill when studying to retain information on a subject.

13.) Learn how to cook a roast. I love to cook, but I have never attempted to make my own roast. So this year, I will learn how to cook a roast chicken, turkey, beef what have you AND how to properly carve it.

14.) Time management. This one is ongoing. I have been getting better over time and this is for sure something that takes a lot of time and practice to nail down. It is amazing how much you can do in one day.

15.) Take a yoga class. Never have, but always wanted to take a yoga class(es) because I think it’d be my type of exercise…I’ll start with the basics first though before I get into all that hanging from the ceiling stuff. ;)

What are 15 things you want to learn in 2015??