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Printed Pants: NIGHT

Yesterday, I blogged about these printed pants and how I’m testing their versatility. They’re one of those items you want to know you can wear different ways before taking the plunge and buying them. Yesterday was how you can wear printed pants in the day, casually. Today is how you can wear printed pants in the evening, a bit more dressed up.






Blue dolman sleeve top is from Dillard’s a few years back (such a great blue!), so is the dogwood flower statement necklace. Shoes are Prabal Gurung for Target. Clutch is from H&M.





Of the two casual and dressy looks, I’m not sure which I like better!

Printed Pants: DAY

I got these awesome printed pants from Anthropologie a couple weeks ago. There are printed pants EVERYWHERE for the spring. And the best part about them is how comfortable they are. Although, it seems that a lot of people tend to stay away from printed pants because they’re unsure how to wear them, or incorporate them into their wardrobe.

Knowing this, I decided to test their versatility myself and see how I could incorporate them into my wardrobe, and hopefully help give some ideas to those on the fence about printed pants. ;) So, I bring you this two part postToday, is Printed Pants: DAY, and tomorrow will be Printed Pants: Night.











Tank is also from Anthropologie, denim jacket was a major score from Dillard’s a few years ago, $5!! Made the earrings. Straw fedora from H&M. Vintage tooled leather purse was my mom’s.

Stop by tomorrow for Printed Pants: NIGHT ! :)

Dressed for Easter

I think Easter is one of my favorite holidays. I always look forward to the hard boiled eggs, chocolate from Malley’s (a Cleveland Easter MUST), yummmmy food (especially the ham), and I just love the atmosphere that usually comes along with the Easter holiday. More often than not, it’s on the warmer side and sunny-that’s not to say there have never been cold, rainy/snowy Easters, but the probability of it being nicer weather wise is often better than the former.

I also think Easter is more of a ‘dressed up’ holiday. For the most part, we all dress a bit nicer on Easter, right? We reach for the dress instead of the jeans in our ever growing casual society…and I like that. People used to dress up daily, and now that’s practically diminished. You wear a dress and your friends/family/colleagues are asking you why you’re dressed up…we’ve reached a point where we now need an actual occasion to wear our ‘nice clothes’. This saddens me…but if Easter will count as an occasion where people are in their Easter best, then good. So, let’s dress up today, shall we? :)



I made this dress a few months ago. It was one of those projects where I had to improvise a little with a few things, but this ultimately made me like the end result more. Today was actually the first time I wore it! Wrap dresses are awesome. Simply put. They seriously flatter everyone. DVF knows what’s up. Belt from Anthropologie. No longer available, similar here.







Shoes were about $15 from DSW sale a while back.

Signs of Spring

While the past few days have been gorgeous, it is unfortunately supposed to drop tonight and bring us…more…snow. I truly thought it was over, but alas…we arrre in Cleveland and those weather Gods are so not a fan of us this year. Knowing this snowy rumor, I got out to the CLE Metroparks this weekend and got some random pics of spring showing up in nature. I love this time of year for nature…where everything is coming back to life and you see the little green patches starting to show.


I found this random shoe on my little nature walk. I had to take a picture because whenever I see a lost shoe, I always ask myself, ‘how did this person lose their shoe?’ Really, how does one lose a shoe? Just one? Are they then wandering around wearing only one shoe? Or maybe there’s some elaborate story behind the one lost shoe, and how long it’s been lost…but I suppose we will never know. ;)


Once this (fingers crossed) last round of snow is gone and Spring is here to stay, I will for sure be taking more pictures of even morrrre green! And I can’t wait.

Springing into Spring

Springing into Spring

Every single Spring season I find myself gravitating toward yellow. I just think it’s a really great Spring statement color. So, while playing around on Polyvore, I chose to make a ‘work wear’ set around this lovely yellow dress by John Lewis. Since it’s still a little cool this time of year (at least on this side of the country ;p) I would definitely pair it with a little leather jacket, especially white because it’s definitely more of a Spring appropriate color for a leather jacket. The hint of a third color comes in with the greyish blue color blocked purse. Shades of blue and yellow pair well together. And of course, I have to add a little whimsy to the whole ensemble with the vintage daisy bracelet and flower shaped earrings ;)