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Bundling Up for Winter

We all know that with winter comes the cold.  That’s a no brainer.  The dilemma lies in how to stay warm!  Every winter season, I find myself piling on the layers for the sake of staying as warm as possible, but hopefully without looking like Ralphie’s little brother in A Christmas Story.  Have no fear! It IS possible to wear enough layers to stay warm and still be able to put your arms down at your side. :p

winterbundle6 winterbundle1 winterbundle3 winterbundle4 winterbundleclose1

What are the layers?

First, of course is a tank top-I’m convinced they add some sort of insulation. Next, a long sleeve wool pullover from J.Crew (that used to be light pink, but I dyed navy blue with RIT dye). This plaid jacket was one that my mom made in college.  It’s 100% wool, so it’s pretty warm, plus it’s got a cool orange lining. ;)  And I layered this reversible vest over it for extra warmth.  Finally, gloves, a scarf and a hat…because we all must remember what Mom tells us-keeping your head warm always keeps you warmer. ;)

winterbundle8 winterbundle9 winterbundleclose2 winterbundle10

 Be sure to stay warm the next few days-even if you don’t leave the house- I plan on staying indoors and eating and drinking lots of hot drinks and soup until this second ‘polar plunge’ passes. ;)

Color of Spring-Dusty Rose

Color of Spring-Dusty Rose


I’ve been starting to notice that this ‘dusty rose’ color is popping up among retailers in their Spring reciepts.  It’s a pretty color.  Sort of a hybrid of blush and lavender.  And probably one you can wear as subtly as you want-like on your lips, or as a statement color-like with a cool jacket or pant.

I think my personal favorite from this set is the pocket square (Reiss Winehouse-link above).  You rarely see pocket squares anymore… but what a good way to add a touch of ‘dusty rose’ to a Spring ensemble.

Vintage Sequin Jacket

I’ve found myself drawn to sequin jackets lately.  This one was a Christmas gift from Etsy.  It’s a vintage number.  Etsy has a verry good vintage selection.  It’s hard not to find something you like.

Since I’m all about mixing highs and lows, my first instinct was to combine the vintage sequins with these distressed boots from Free People.  It is very difficult for me not to buy a fresh pair of boots every fall.  These boots were this year’s winner-as ‘investment’ pair.  I knew as soon as I spotted them that they were ones I’d wear many times over, and that they would eventually pay for themselves. Cost per wear=0.


bseq 1


bseq 32bseq 15



bseq 30   bseq 33


bseq 37

 I love this distressed belt.  I found it in the men’s department at Old Navy many years ago.  It’s crazy how practically perfectly it matches my distressed boots! 

bseq 45

These earrings were also a Christmas gift this year.  The crystals are upcycled from an old chandelier! How cool, right!?

Blue Velvet Shoes

Blue Velvet Shoes


Aren’t these blue velvet booties amazing!?  I came across them while browsing Polyvore and couldn’t not use them in a set.  Too bad they’re a fine chunk of change. :[ But alas, I will just swoon over them.

The other things I included are stuff I’m into right now.  A pair of destroyed black denim-adds a little toughness to an outfit… a classic black leather band watch-never goes out of style… a cool white quartz ring-catches your eye! Rounded sunglasses and red lips-no fails… ombre hair (which I just had done! Finally, after wanting to for more than a year!)  and a navy striped tee-so versatile!

Oh, and of course a classic quilted Chanel bag.  No explanation necessary for that. ;)

NYE Traditions

I love New Year’s Eve.  It’s always fun to spend the time with your friends and family…hanging out, having a good time, and eating yummy food.

Usually, the hubby and I have some idea of what to do on New Year’s Eve every year.  Like the past few years, we had gone to the Cleveland Pop’s Orchestra concert on New Year’s Eve, and every year it has been a blast.  You go to Severance Hall on University Circle, have a yummy dinner at their restaurant, grab a cocktail, and then enjoy a beautiful concert….after that there’s more cocktails, more music, and hanging out at Severance until it’s time for the countdown accompanied by MANY balloons and confetti.  Now that spells F.U.N. for a NYE in Cleveland.

This year though, we stayed pretty low key and had a lovely dinner with our parents and friends.  Since I can remember, my family would have a homemade Italian meal on NYE and just hang out together and have a good time waiting for the ball to drop.  Well, that’s exactly what we did this year.  We revisited an old tradition, that I must admit was dearly missed.  Maybe next year we’ll stick with the tradition.


cntrpc cndl napkin redblb grtlks

The BEST Christmas Ale around….I may be a tad bias, but I haven’t found one I like better ;)

drinks tomatos

Tomato, basil, mozzarella skewers.


Homemade pasta! :d  A very simple recipe of 3 cups flour, 4 eggs, 1/4 c white wine, and a dash of salt.  Roll into a ball, let it sit a half hour or so.  Cut into chunks, flatten, and put through the pasta maker!


I just bought this cookbook called The Little Paris Kitchen by Rachel Khoo.  While everything in this cookbook looks extremely delicious, I was pretty anxious to try the chocolate mousse, and man am I glad I did…I am not exaggerating when I say that this is probably the best mousse recipe I’ve come across.  It was the smoothest, most velvety mousse I’ve ever had. :d


Homemade mini Napoleons.  De-licious. :d


horns popp

What’s New Year’s Eve without some hats, horns, and poppers??!


This goofy little cat is a pretty mischievous one despite her sleepy face in this photo.  You know what they say, looks can be deceiving. ;)


Happy New Year!!! :)