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Inspired: What to Wear for NYE

Inspired: What to Wear for NYE
I have always found TV and movies to be GREAT resources for fashion inspiration.  Think about it, your style evolves through your entire life because you evolve.  Your evolution includes the things that influence you-like TV and movies.  So, ultimately your style ends up being a tad bit of each of your favorite movie or TV characters, as well as anyone else in your life that you admire.
Anyway,  with New Year’s Eve literally around the corner, I thought I’d put together a NYE collage of party outfits inspired by some of my favorite TV and movie icons.
1.  Of course, Carrie Bradshaw.  My ultimate style icon.  Carrie’s style is so eclectic and fun, that even though some of her ensembles don’t necessarily go together, it still works because she’s Carrie.
2.  Serena Van der Woodsen.  Another of my style icons.  A little boho, a little eclectic-but always a show stopper.
3.  This one is primarily for the 40’s fashion.  I chose Joan Crawford because the fur coat is something she was in quite often in her movies-especially Mildred Pierce.  The 1940’s are probably my favorite fashion era.  Gorgeous fabrics, elegant, and classic shapes and styles.
4.  Daisy Buchanan.  The Great Gatsby.  Everything about the costume in the Great Gatsby was perfect.  Over the top glamor and sparkle that represented the era expertly.  My other favorite fashion era, for sure…give me some sequins and beads, feather details, and a pair of t-straps and I’m good to go.
5.  This gorgeous satin gown in the cobalt blue made me think of Rosemary Clooney.  There’s a gorgeous black gown that she wears in White Christmas and fits her like a glove…this blue beauty just looks like it’d be the perfect figure flattering gown.  And to kick it up a notch for the New Year, I thought it needed a sparkly jacket. ;)
6.  Last, but not least-Holly Golightly.  A fashion icon for many, I’m sure.  After all, she is who introduced us to the LBD, right?  Classic and modest, but also a little bit sexy.
Who are your TV/movie fashion icons?

Merry Christmas!


Merry Christmas everyone! :) As I’m sitting here watching A Christmas Story, I thought I’d share this recent holiday picture of the old Higbees window in downtown CLE where part of the movie was filmed! Even though the building is now a casino, it’s nice to see that they still keep the windows decorated, especially during the holidays-it brings back some great Cleveland nostalgia.

10 Classic Christmas Gifts

Classic Christmas Gifts
I’m not sure if I’m a lone ranger on this one, but I’ve been finding gift ideas to be awfully hard this year.  I’m not sure why exactly, but it got me thinking of the more ‘classic Christmas gifts’ that we either follow every year or maybe tend to forget about.
1. Cookies! Everyone (okay…almost everyone) loves cookies!  How about a cookie jar and cookie cutters for the cookie lover in your life?
2.  Speaking of the cookie lover in your life, what about the foodie in your life??  Of course! Recipe cards!  Even if they’re a foodie and have extensive recipes, they could probably always use some extra recipe cards.
3.  In my collage, it’s actually a set of cards…but some cards are great to frame and give as gifts! Wall art and other home décor items are a great gift idea.  *Also a good idea of what to do with all those beautiful Holiday cards you get every year and don’t want to throw away or display on your mantle until March.  Frame them and use them as décor for the next Holiday season!*
4.  Next year’s calendar.  Always a great gift idea.  Everyone could use a calendar.  Definitely something we all tend to overlook from time to time.
5.  A sweater! It doesn’t have to be an ugly Christmas sweater, but generally I think most people appreciate getting something to wear.  It’s always nice to have another sweater to keep warm in the frigid months.
6.  A fruit basket.  A major classic.  Seriously, who doesn’t want a basket of fruit?!  The more apples, the better! ;)
7.  Ornaments.  A stocking stuffer staple.  I think it’s a great idea to give an ornament to your children every year…that way when they’re all grown up, and ready to decorate their own tree, they already have an ornament collection of their own.
8.  Candles.  I love this cute fir tree candle…a great one to build your dining room table holiday centerpiece around.
9.  A watch.  Everyone needs to know what time it is, am I right?  This one is becoming more of a classic now that most people just use their cell phones to tell time. :p
10.  Finally, a sled!  And a classic sled.  Those babies are the ones that really fly. ;)
Hope you find my list helpful! :))  Happy shopping!

Winter Wonderland

Snow, snow, snow, snow…SNOW“!  A couple days ago, Cleveland got pretty slammed with snow.  It was non stop snow all day that accumulated several inches.  I will say, winter isn’t the greatest season-especially in Cleveland- but I don’t mind when we get the great snowfalls that add some incredible beauty to everything.  I love driving around and seeing everything tipped in snow…the trees, especially.  Here are some snapshots I took of a bunch of snow covered things.

Hope you enjoy! :)

charliebrn snowtree branch lantern boots roses birdhouse

Fur Frenzy, Part 2

FYI: This Fur Frenzy will likely continue through the winter months.  Because I came across a bunch of vintage furs last year hiding in the attic, I find it only appropriate to get a little use out of them this year. They’re too pretty not to wear in a way that would make Carrie Bradshaw proud. ;D

The one I’m wearing in this post was my mom’s curly lamb coat that had been my Grandma’s.  It didn’t fit my Grandma quite right, so they took it to a furrier in Cleveland and altered it a in a way that would instead fit my mom.  Well, now it fits me instead…I guess it’s turned into a bit of a family heirloom! ;)

jktcls dnlk standn close_3

A funny thing happened when I put on this coat…I reached in the pockets and found these leather gloves!   Assuming they were some my mom has forgot about for years, (or at least since she last wore this coat… ) I thought I’d put them on and include them in the post…I like the brown contrast to the black and gold, the gloves help make the color combo pop, along with the white blouse.



Vintage curly lamb fur coat; white blouse by Vince Camuto; handmade skirt by me; gold sparkle tights from American Apparel; wedge booties from DSW about 2 or 3 years ago; wool beret from Target; vintage pearl necklace from Hooti Couture in Brooklyn, NY-a favorite vintage store to visit in NYC.

Let the Fur Frenzy continue! :)

Fur Frenzy

Time to pull out your furs ladies! It’s that time of year again for those fur coats, capes, and collars!   Its time for a full force fur frenzy!!  Now, real or faux is your preference, but either way there are some great ones out there.  With furs, I’d opt for vintage…chances are the quality is a smidge better.

This mink coat I found at one of my favorite CLE vintage stores in Lakewood-Chelsea’s Vintage Clothing and Costume.  Last year, I was inspired by Carrie Bradshaw to find a fur coat of my own…so off to Chelsea’s I went and found this lovely number for about $70!! Major score for a real mink coat!! :)  I promised myself last year that I’d try my hardest to get more wear out of it this year, since I bought it a little late in winter last year and wasn’t able to enjoy it much before the weather broke.  So here is my first outfit of this winter featuring the fur coat ;) (with many more to come, Fingers crossed!).


coatside hips1 goof1 sidecoat2

When I put this outfit together, I thought…’Wow, I’m really vibing a few different time periods here’.  A little bit of the 20’s, a touch of 70’s hippie, and a splash of modern day.  But hey, I’m all for eclectic fashion, and that’s the GREAT thing about fashion of the 2000’s…we’ve essentially reached a point in our modern day fashion where ‘anything goes’.  Not as in, anything matches…but more as in there are no more rules.  So, GO for the eclectic! Afterall, it’s a little more interesting that way! ;)

top1 ring shoe1

I love these bright cobalt blue pumps.  A great dash of color, right?! I can’t remember why I got them in the first place, but I do remember that I had something specific in mind.  Regardless, I found them at a Dillard’s shoe sale for $20 or something like that.  Those shoe sales are surely what justify women’s shoe obsessions ;)

shoe11 front2 close1

Lace top from the Lookbook Store; fur coat from Chelsea’s Vintage Clothing and Costume in Lakewood, OH; side zip cords from Anthropologie; blue suede pumps by Gianni Bini from Dillard’s shoe sale a couple years ago.  Sparkly headband is actually a sparkly belt from Anthropologie- buckled, twisted and pinned…. Nothing wrong with being innovative, right? ;)

B-Line for Brocade

What to wear for the holidays?  Make a b-line for the brocade!

I love a good brocade anything, but definitely a brocade jacket or coat.  I found this Jones New York coat at Macy’s in NYC earlier this year.  Brocade pairs well with many different fabrics.  Dress it up with a dress, or down with jeans.  It’s also a great fabric for this time of year.  Its shiny quality suits the holiday season perfectly.

I thought this little get up would be great for a holiday party.  Shine and sparkle paired with differing textures.

jktbehnd jkton1 jktondwn jckthld2 Black polka dot mesh top from H&M about 2 years ago.  Mauve pleated skirt from Target last year.  T-straps from DSW for about 15 bucks! a few months ago. Recent sparkle belt from Anthropologie.  (They really have the BEST sparkly belts).

closetopbroc jcktclose sidelook2

I like the combination of the brocade, polka dot mesh, and pleats.  The three textures really complement each other nicely.

I think next I’ll try it with a chambray shirt, or a dark pair of jeans!