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Vintage Lady Face Sweater

Finally, an outfit involving this vintage sweater from my Vintage Finds in NYC post.  I thought this was the most adorable sweater when I came across it at Beacon’s Closet in Brooklyn earlier this year.  It’s so cheeky and fun.  I figured I could wear it with black skinnies and a red scarf, with normal skinny jeans and cowboy boots, or dressed up over a dress like this:


scarf1 scarfjkt1 lookdn1 faceclose2 shoe1 hip1 facedn1

When I incorporate vintage pieces into outfits, I like to just dabble them in to keep the ensemble looking fresh and not too old.  With this, the bright cobalt blue along with the leather moto jacket and wedge booties help modernize the sweater a bit, and with the overall balance of the outfit. 

Cobalt blue dress by Gianni Bini from Dillard’s a few years ago.  Leather jacket from Victoria’s Secret.  Wedge booties from DSW about 3 years ago. Vintage silk dyed scarf.

Fall Layers

Just another blogfit today.  I’m  really enjoying this fall weather despite the fact that it didn’t feel like we really had much of a summer.  I love warm weather because I feel more inspired and motivated to be productive and enjoy the warmth…but I also love everything related to Fall.  I love the changing leaves, the decorations-pumpkins, corn stalks, gourds…I love every baked good made with apples…I love the hot drinks-coffee, tea, hot cocoa, and cider…

But I also love the crisp air and having to layer tees, sweaters, and jackets finished with scarves and great boots. I think my outfitting creativity is enhanced in the cooler months because of this very reason.  It seems like I come up with some more unique combinations for the sake of staying warm, and that usually involves a lot of layering.



down1 hairfix smile11 fixcoat

This Harris Tweed (some of the best authentic Tweed around) jacket was my mom’s from the late 70’s (?)  Between the two of us, it’s definitely gotten some pretty intense wear.  So much so, that the lining and buttons have needed repair a few times, but other than that it’s held up pretty well over the last few decades. ;)  It is also my most versatile Fall jacket, for sure.

bkpxts hair1

Basic tee from Target, cream sweater hoodie from Gap about 5 years ago, black skinnies from H&M (20 bucks!!), boots are mom’s and so is the vintage purse, leather belt from the Old Navy men’s department, scarf is also from H&M.


Neutrals: Black, white, and brown

I’m a big fan of neutral color palettes.  I love mixing in pops of color, yes…but the majority of my clothes are neutral shades.  I find that more things match each other that way.  But I also like how classic neutrals can look when paired together well. 

I absolutely LOVE black with a cognac brown.  It’s a very striking neutral color combo.  Add a touch of white and it’s even better.


close1 purse1 tiptoes1 smile1 

I love this white top from Anthropologie.  I knew I needed it as soon as I laid eyes on it.  You see, it fits into my ‘white top obsession’ closet category. ;)  The boyfriend blazer was also a really great buy.  It’s really soft and fits great.  And as an added bonus, it also has a pretty cool lining.

pockets1 closewboots


Top, blazer, and jeans all from Anthropologie.

Boots from Aldo about 5 years ago.  Similar here.

Leather belt from Old Navy men’s department.

Vintage tooled leather purse.

Faux tortoise shell watch from Target a couple years ago.  Similar here.

Fall Staple: Olive Green Pants

These olive green pants are another one of my favorite Fall staples.  I can’t express how much I try to purchase versatile clothing.  I used to be pretty irresponsible when it came to purchasing closet items.  I would buy endless number of ‘cute’ tops and inexpensive shoes.  I began to realize how much money I was WASTING on things I wasn’t wearing more than one or two times, because they didn’t match anything else I had, or were of poor quality.  I ended up with a haphazard wardrobe.  That induced just a few closet purges.

I started to pay more attention to what I was buying.  I try to think of at least 3 different outfits or occasions per item I’m contemplating.  I also try to think of other colors in my closet that would coordinate with whatever I’m deciding to buy.

Another thing that has really helped me become a smarter shopper is this book, called Overdressed: The Shockingly High Cost of Cheap Fashion by Elizabeth L. Cline.  It truly opened my eyes to consumerism in general.  One thing in particular: the quality of items we’re buying.

Ok, back to topic…these AG green pants.  This color matches EVERYTHING for Fall.  I LOVE, love, love it with this blush color.  It also looks pretty stellar with mustard yellow, navy, brown, black, gray…



These pants (AG from Anthropologie) are soooo soft too.  Even after washing, they keep their softness.  AG is also a USA made brand.

Boots are from Aldo Shoes about 5 years ago.

green4 side grnclose1

Top is by Sugar Lips from Dillards a few years ago.  Belt is also from Anthropologie.  Jade necklace was my Grandma’s.  Purse is vintage.  Jessica Simpson cat eye sunglasses.


On an end note, I love that the trees are noticably changing now! (obviously the trees were still pretty green when these pics were taken a couple weeks ago) Driving through the park now makes you shout: “It’s FALL”!  So start a bon fire, pour the cider and snuggle up in that cozy sweater and boots, and enjoy it while it lasts! :)

Dress(ing) for Fall

I posted about this dress and its versatility last June.  Well,  I’ve discovered even more of its potential! But this time, for the Fall weather.  I truly believe that a lot of clothing has extensive versatility, you just have to have patience and play around in order to discover it.

Try a little closet challenge: take your favorite dress and try to come up with a way to wear it for each season.  And think layers to translate into Fall and Winter-sweaters, jackets, and tights! :)

pkncls pnkhld2 btm1

I love the metallic polka dots.  It’s so shimmery, the picture doesn’t do it justice!  And this belt complements it perfectly.

Dress: Chelsea and Violet

Sweater and belt: Anthropologie, here and here

Shoes: DSW sale

Wristlet: Coach (MAJOR bargain at about $15!!)

(And a locally grown pumpkin ;) )

A Visit to University Circle

Yesterday we made a visit to University Circle in CLE, and the Cleveland Museum of Art.  I know I’ve posted about the museum a few times, but it is just such a lovely place to visit in Cleveland.  It’s been renovated quite a bit and it looks outstanding.  The cafe is delicious, the new atrium is awesome, and just recently the East Wing reopened.  The CLE Art Museum looks better every time I visit it…which is a really inspiring thing to see.

fountain1 walk walk2 chalk1


These chalk drawings are from the annual Chalk Festival the CLE Art Museum holds every September.  It’s for children and adults, amateurs and pros.  You can buy a square on the paths and then draw away. :)


View of Wade Lagoon.



Wearing Jessica Simpson jeggings-one of my favorite fall go-tos;  white t-shirt tunic by Pure & Good from Anthropologie (an appropriate thing to wear with leggings!  Cover your *ahem* bum, ladies)! thrifted Paul Smith blazer; Mom’s boots and purse; necklace made by me; cat-eye sunglasses also Jessica Simpson.
museum willow1 willow2


These pics are from Wade Lagoon-a little park-like area surrounding the museum. The willow trees all around are so beautiful.

Your Wardrobe Tool: A Color Wheel

Color Wheels are a GREAT tool to have, regardless of your ar-teest status.  I like to keep one hanging in or around my closet because it helps inspire me to experiment with different color combinations.  This one below is the one I use.  It’s perfect because it has little windows to show you what colors result from adding black or white, or the primary colors.  You can find a color wheel in the art section of craft stores, or at any specialty art store.

Here’s a little run down on  how a color wheel works:  You have your primary colors: RED, YELLOW, BLUE.  These are the colors that cannot be made by mixing any other two colors together.   Then you have secondary colors: ORANGE, GREEN, PURPLE/VIOLET.  These are colors that are made from combining two primary colors.  (Red + yellow=orange; Yellow+blue=green; Red+blue=purple).  And then there are the tertiary colors: Yellow-green, Yellow-orange, Blue-green, Blue-violet, Red-orange, Red-violet,  These are the colors that result from combining a primary color and a secondary color.

Then you have Complementary colors.  Complementary colors are the opposite each other on the color wheel.  So, green complements red; Violet complements yellow; Orange complements blue, etc.  A lot of complementary colors actually look very good together.  Or variations of, such as tinted (white added) blue-green with tinted red-orange.

colorwheelHere is the Pantone color report for Fall 2013, and next Spring 2014.



Try ‘Acai’ with ‘Linden Green’…  Or ‘Emerald’ with ‘Koi’…. or ‘Mykonos Blue’ with ‘Koi’…. ‘Linden Green’ with ‘Deep Lichen Green’ and ‘Carafe’…’Vivacious’ with ‘Acai’ and ‘Turbulence’…




I love to check the Pantone color reports each season.  It helps you know which colors are predicted to be on trend, and in turn helps you decide what to look for when shopping for some new wardrobe pieces each season. ;)  I can say I’ve definitely noticed stores carrying some of the colors in the Fall color report.  Especially the ‘Samba’ red hue (a color I just bought a sweater in)!  And looking at the Spring 2014 color report makes me excited to see what designers will be putting out for the upcoming Spring season.  It’s nice to see that they are more vibrant than the usual spring pastels.


OK, if you’re already a master of color mixing or if you’re someone who says “I love this ___, but I don’t know what colors to wear with it!”  You need to get yourself a color wheel, pronto!!  The great thing about the one above /\ is that it allows you to see hues (pure color), shades (with black added), tints (with white added), and tones (with gray added).  So instead of just red, you can see what red looks like when white is added.  With this kind of color wheel, you’ll have a much broader color spectrum to experiment from.