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Fall Blues

I think it’s safe to say that I’m finally starting to come around to it being Fall.  I think seeing all the new sweaters and boots in the stores really helps to elevate the Autumn mood.  I am not however ready for any kind of white stuff…and I heard a snowy little rumor that the premature winter they’re experiencing in the west is headed east.  I truly hope CLE is not included in that snow storm shift…but only time will tell.

My newest fall wardrobe addition is this navy hat.  Part rancher/fedora, part floppy.  I love the two tone blue it has going on.  I’m a major fan of hats but always forget to wear them, and I never really thought of myself as much of a ‘hat person’.  Well, the tide has turned…I am going to make more of an effort to wear my humble hat collection this fall, including this blue beauty I got from Anthropologie.

cal3 cal5 cal6 cal8 cal10 close1

These pants are fantastic.  So far, my favorite Fall staple.  And don’t be afraid of this color! It’s incredibly versatile!  I have a pair of shorts this color that I got a few years ago and I remember thinking the exact thing: That they were surprisingly versatile.  So when I saw a pants version in the same color…I grabbed them, knowing of the possibilities they would bring to my wardrobe. :)


close3 close5

A nice leather (or faux leather if that’s what you prefer) jacket is definitely a fool proof fall closet staple.  You will wear it with everything, because it goes with everything.  And it just adds the other kind of ‘cool’ to your cooler weather clothes.


Hat: Anthropologie, here

Chambray shirt: H&M

Pants: Anthropologie, here

Boots: DSW, brand-Crown Vintage, here

Necklace and bag: Vintage

Leather Jacket: Buffalo by David Bitton


What’s your most favorite fall staple so far?

Reading Space

Reading Space

Yellow rug
$330 –

Sterling book end

Oasis flat
$56 –

Art deco furniture
$1,125 –

Gold coffee table

A Day at Put-in-Bay

Well, last week the hubby and I decided to head up to Put-in-Bay for a day trip to celebrate our anniversary.  Being the off season, it was a much quieter trip than on a summer day.   In some ways, we thought that was better because it was a little more peaceful and not as crowded with tourists.  The downside was that most places opened later than usual, or not at all.

Regardless, we had a fun time bike riding around the island, enjoying a delicious little breakfast, some wine from Heineman’s Winery, (also home of the world’s largest geode) a game of putt-putt, and a delicious bowl of lobster bisque    From  The Upper Deck of the Boardwalk.


View at Port Clinton where you take the ferry to PIB.  We were there bright and early and caught a glimpse of the sun trying to peek out of the overcast sky.



It was a tad eery to be on the island so early when not much was open yet.  This carousal never did open…but seeing it covered up early in the morning, with no one around and a gray sky was a very sad scene.  Like it was telling everyone summer was officially over because the tarp was on the merry-go-round.

image image image image

Perry’s Monument and the legendary “Don’t Give Up the Ship”! flag (in the visitor center) from the Battle of Lake Erie-which celebrated its bicentennial this year just a couple weeks ago.


Put-In-Bay has some very pretty Victorian homes.  This one is just past the monument.  A beauty, for sure.

It was pretty windy on the island, and that was enhanced while bike riding…combined with the Lake breeze and it was a tad chilly, and definitely Fall feeling unless the sun decided to make an appearance.

That made us wonder about the few people that stay on the island throughout winter.  It would be a very interesting experience to say the least.  But personally, I don’t think I could do that without going a little nutty.  You’re basically stranded for a whole season.  The ferries stop running in October, and after that…you stay put. (no pun intended) ;)  And with the bitter winters we experience in CLE, I wouldn’t imagine it being too awesome right on the water. Brrr.  But really, just the thought of not being able to leave unless it involves aviation, stirs up a little anxiety in me.  Major props to those who stay year round.


Lake Erie.  It gets a bad rep, but hey…it’s got some interesting history, the perch is pretty good, and the view isn’t too bad either.  ;)

LBD and a Bowler

LBD and a Bowler
Little Black Dresses are the absolute best thing you can own.  The possibilities are quite literally endless.  With this one, I thought it’d be fun to go a little more eclectic and add some leather suspenders and a bowler hat.  And then of course, the red lip earrings and gold seashell purse.

Block heel booties
$40 –

Henri Bendel red earrings

Marni brown belt

Witchery black glasses
$65 –


Uniqlo hat

What to Wear: A September/October Wedding

What to Wear: A September/October Wedding

Depending on where you live, September and October can be pretty unpredictable months for weather.  Here in CLE, it could still be in the 70’s or 80’s, or it might be snowing by the middle of the month.  With that being said, September and October can be pretty tricky months to dress for a wedding.

With a couple weddings coming up to attend, I decided to start pondering ensembles that would be appropriate depending on both the month and the indecisive weather.

First, I thought…these are the months where the leaves are starting to turn all the beautiful colors of red, orange, and yellow…so why would I wear a somber, dark colored dress when Nature is producing all these gorgeous shades!?  Color is lively and exciting…and so are weddings! (usually ;) )  So why not portray that through our clothing choices?

Next, I thought it’d be safe to go for something with ¾ sleeves.  That way, if it’s cool, at least I’d have some fabric on my arms.  And if it’s hot, at least it wouldn’t be super unbearable.

Lastly, a wedding is an excuse to dress up in this uber casual world we’re living in.  That includes a pretty up-do, lipstick and perfume as well.

OH! And it’s a wedding…don’t forget to toast that glass of champagne! ;)

Zip dress

Christian Louboutin red purse

Tom Ford lipstick

Christian Dior cheek bronzer
$47 –

12 Tips for Taking Care of Your Closet

It’s one thing to keep things hung and folded in your closet, but it’s another to actually take care of it.  If you realize it or not, you spend a lot of money on your things so you should make sure you’re properly caring for them.  I came up with 12 tips on what you can do to better care for your wardrobe.  I hope you find them helpful! :)


1)      Don’t hang your knits!

T-shirts, sweaters, tanks…always fold knits.  When you hang them there is a lot of weight  (esp. sweaters) put on the hanger which causes unattractive bumps in the shoulders that are very difficult to get rid of.

2)      Iron/Steam your clothes. 

Other than pajamas, there is not much worse than going out in public in wrinkly clothing.  Not only does it look bad, it makes you look lazy.  Take the time to iron your pants.  Which brings me to…

3)      Hang your dress pants.

This helps to keep them wrinkle free.  It’s also best to hang them from the pant legs  Which also brings me to…

4)      Hem your pants if they’re too long.

This kind of goes along with wrinkly clothing.  If your pants are too long that you’re walking on them and they’re tattered, it makes you look lazy…and also, sloppy.  Since dress pants are generally worn in the work environment, if they’re too long and tattered, it will give off the message that you don’t take yourself seriously, so why should anyone else?

5)      Take care of your shoes.

This means a few things.  First, if you have the space, keep their boxes and use them to store your shoes.  Second, keep them polished and pretty! Third, take them in for repairs if necessary.  Seperating soles don’t look too great-but make sure you’re not taking in any cheap shoes for repair.  Not only do shoe cobblers dislike repairing cheap shoes, it probably also costs the same amount to repair as it did to purchase the cheapies.  Buy good shoes-which (unfortunately) usually are not inexpensive.

6)      Use a lint brush.

You don’t want to look like you were just rolling around on the floor with Fluffy.

7)      Pay attention to care labels! 

This is so important.  There is a reason care labels are on your clothing.  First of all, they have to be…kind of like nutrition labels.  But also because it’s to help you take care of your garments properly.  Your clothes’ lives will be prolonged if you do.  Here’s a little run-down on certain fibers and how they should be cared for:

Silk- Must be dry cleaned.  Do not wash.  Do not dry.

Wool- Can be washed-better to hand wash.  Cannot be dried- you will end up with a miniature.

Cashmere- Hand wash, lay flat.  Do not dry.  It will shrink, and start to pill.

Rayon- The man made silk.  Most labels will tell you to dry clean rayon, except it can be hand washed, and not dried.

Linen-Can be hand washed.  Do not dry.

Here’s a good little guide found on Pinterest on care labels and their different symbols.

8)      Use good hangers.

Wooden hangers or huggable hangers are decent ones.  Plastic are okay, but definitely not the wire hangers you get back from the dry cleaner.  They will not hold up your clothes the way a hanger should.  Personally, I also believe since the wire isn’t very sturdy that they tend to make your garments look shop worn faster.

9)       Treat stains immediately.

There are a lot of stain remedies out there.  And it’s really important that once you drop that dollop of ketchup you run to a sink fast.  Otherwise, the stain will start to set and it will be harder to remove than if you go after it right away.  Here are just a few common stains and their remedies:

Oil/butter- pour some baby powder over it, let it sit and treat with an oil based soap.  Oil removes oil.  I like to use just a basic liquid dish soap.

Coffee- blot with water and a detergent.  A couple drops of vinegar will also help.

Wine- Pour salt over the stain, let it soak in, and then use a stain remover spray before throwing in the washing machine or hand washing.

Ink- wet, spray with aerosol hairspray and blot it again.  Use stain remover before laundering.

Ketchup- Soak.  I’ve found that a basic bar soap-like Ivory- works well when you rub it on the soaked stain, and then gently scrub with an old toothbrush.

10)   Spray your shoes with Silicone spray.

This works as a water repellant and can be sprayed on most any kind of material that shoes are made from.  For winter especially, make sure you spray your boots.  It will help with salt marks, but will also help keep them from wearing really badly.

11)   Keep your leathers and wools in cloth garment bags.

You should never keep either in plastic garment bags because the plastic will dry out your leathers and the moths will more easily get to your wools.  Which brings me to…

12)   Keep the moths away!

Moth balls stink!  A better alternative to combating moths is (both keeping things in garment bags, but also) using cedar chips.  Target has these great cedar rounds that you can hang on the hangers of your garments.

White T-Shirt Re-DO

An easy way to fancy up a plain white t-shirt? Add a little dazzle to the shoulders!!

I had this taupe dress from H&M with this very cool shoulder detail ( sorry I forgot to take a pic before I cut off the beads) that I only wore a handful of times…well, the main attraction of this dress was the shoulders, so I decided that I’d rescue the detail and transplant it onto something I’d likely wear more.  And what’s more worn that a plain white t-shirt?!









teesideshldr lshldrcls rtshldrcls

Plus, how much cooler does this white tee look now with this amazing shoulder detail?  Way cooler, if you ask me.