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Fall Essentials

Fall Essentials

Jigsaw breton top
$40 –

Mossimo blazer

Onyx hoop earrings

The Row black sunglasses

Vassilisa crochet patterns scarve
$425 –

Christys floppy hat
$110 –

Giorgio Armani lipstick

Here are some GREAT FALL Essentials:
1) Boyfriend Blazer 2) Striped tee 3) Skinnies 4) Ankle Booties 5) Leather Bag 6) Coral Lipstick 7) Printed Scarf 8) 70’s Circle Sunglasses 9) Floppy hat 10) Tortoise Shell Accessories

CLE Keys

I did not know that one of these public pianos existed in the CLE area, so you can imagine my surprise and big smile when I saw this musical instrument over on the east side by Cedar and Lee roads. I was also pretty surprised when I Sat down to test out a little song and it was well tuned.

Well played CLE, well played. ;)

Chair Makeover

Digging through my parents’ attic, I found this chair (my great grandmas)  that I had in my bedroom at some point during my youth…hence the pink paint and (not pictured) ballerina print seat.  I decided to give it a more mature makeover.

Check out my before and afters!


beforefront sanding

I decided to sand off some of the paint before repainting it.  The pink paint was acrylic which would’ve gotten pretty sticky if I had tried taking it off with acetone.  Instead of using an alternative, I just decided to sand some off instead since the chair is made of Oak.  Paint tends to really work its way into oak…so it probably would’ve been more of a pain to try to remove the paint just to put on more.

spray closestrton

The lovely result.  I went with a bronzy-gold spray paint, and found some striped fabric sitting idle in my sewing room that I thought would be the perfect complement to the gold chair.


Being an elderly chair, this chair has had mannnnny lives as I was able to discover from the 5 or so different fabrics that had been upholstered onto to seat. ;)

All in all, I am very pleased with how it turned out!!

Fall Wish List

Fall Wish List

Madewell shirt

Levi’s skinny leg jeans
$170 –

Seychelles taupe ankle boots

Converse trainers

Patent leather purse

Michael Kors gold wristwatch

Wool hat

Tocca fragrance

Essie nail polish

Now that it’s nearing the later part of August, I’ve naturally started thinking about
Fall wardrobe additions.  These are some things I’ve had my eye on for the upcoming
season.  Most are essentially just basics-but aren’t great basics the foundation of a great
What’s on your fall wish list??

Selling Your Clothes and Getting the Most Out of Them

It’s that time of year!!  What time, you ask? Time to clean out your closet!  Ideally, it’s probably best to go through your closet about twice a year.  Spring and before Fall are the best times to do this because in Spring you can get rid of winter things that you didn’t wear or are sick of, and then at the end of summer you can get rid of the spring and summer things that you didn’t wear or are sick of.  You can also get a sense of what items you need, or would like to incorporate into your wardrobe for the upcoming seasons.

 After going through your closet, you should have a pile of clothes that are gently used and that you could potentially sell if you feel so inclined.  You can sell them to a consignment shop, online ( through eBay for example), or to a resale shop.

Here are some tips on how to get the most out of selling your clothes.

1)      Inspect them first.  Make sure they are gently used—meaning, no stains, tears, pilling, dirt, etc.  A good way to decide if it is ‘gently used’ is to take into account how many times you wore the item.  If you only wore it a few times, it’s likely in good enough shape to sell.

2)      Brand names.  It’s a sad truth that people like clothes for the brand name.  The higher value brand names should be sold through eBay or through consignment, as you’ll likely get a little more bang for your buck that way.  Other brands, such as American Eagle, Abercrombie and Fitch, fashion forward stores like Forever 21, and H&M are usually brands that trend seeking resale shops are looking for.

3)     Consider the Season.  If you’re trying to sell to a resale shop, they will usually be buying clothes for the season ahead of the current season.  So nearing the end of summer, they will likely be buying more Fall clothing items…but one thing they are almost ALWAYS looking for are jeans.

4)      Make them look nice before you try to sell them.  Especially if selling to a resale shop.  In my own experience, they are a lot more likely to say yes to more of your items if they are pressed, clean, buttoned, and zipped than if they look like you just grabbed them off the hanger and threw them into your bin of ‘Clothes to Sell’.

5)      Again, presentation.  After pressing, cleaning, buttoning, and zipping, nicely fold your clothes and place them into the laundry basket or bin.  Put heavier items, like purses and shoes on the bottom and clothing on top.  This will look much cleaner and organized to the people you’re asking for cash from.  They probably wouldn’t be too happy to sort through a bin full of wrinkled piles.

6)      Not only should your clothes look presentable, so should you.  It probably wouldn’t be the best idea to walk into a resale shop, with dreams of them buying all of your used clothes, if you look like you just rolled out of bed wearing your sweatpants and messy topknot.  If you have a basket full of cute, potentially sellable items, make sure you portray that to the resale shop through your personal attire.

7)      After you receive your cash reward from any of these places, take the rejections to your nearest thrift store or shelter.  There’s no need to keep the things you were willing to part with, and it’s much better to donate them to people that are in need than to hang on to things you marked as ‘unwanted’.


I hope you find these tips helpful in your future clothes selling adventures!!!

DIY: Shortening Your Too Long Skirt

Another easy DIY! Shortening a skirt that’s too long for your liking is a good way to turn it into something you DO like, and will wear.


You Need:


marking pencil and measuring tape (or seam gauge)

sewing machine and matching thread


Just like my previous post (altering your dress into a top), mark the new length of the skirt, plus an inch or two.

After cutting off the excess, turn up the raw edge (twice) to your desired length and stitch a a simple hem!


End of Summer Transition

End of Summer Transition

Alexander McQueen long sleeve shirt

Converse leather shoes

Travel backpack

Marc by Marc Jacobs gold jewelry
$62 –

Wildfox couture

Pieces jeans belt
$19 –

Voluminous mascara

Calvin klein

It’s always so hard to decide what to wear this time of year.  It’s that time where the weather is starting to transition into fall…with warm days and cold nights.  Which means it’s a little too warm for jeans and a sweater, but a little too cold for shorts and a tank.  So what do you wear??  It’s time to compromise.  A sweater and shorts…a tank and jeans…a good rule of thumb I usually go by is making sure either my legs or arms will be warm when it’s cool.  That way, I’m not turning purple and begging for a hot cup of tea.

DIY: Altering Your Dress Into a Top

We all have them…those things in our closet that don’t really get as much wear as we thought they would, but we just can’t part with them.  So what do you do?  Turn those items into things you WILL wear and get use out of, and your moneys worth!

Something old into something new.  A simple DIY.  I had this stripe t-shirt dress that I wore only a couple times, and more than likely bought out of impulse.  Instead of throwing it into the ‘No Good’ pile…I instead decided to give it a little makeover, and alter it into a top- something I would likely wear more often than a dress.









What do you need?


Sewing machine

Marking pencil

All I did for this DIY was decide what length I wanted the top to be, marked it on the inside and then cut off the bottom portion.

After that, a basic hem is all that is needed to finish the project!

Simple DIY alterations are a very economical way to both save money, and add something new to your closet for little to no cost!