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Stop and Smell the Roses!!!!

It’s that time of year! Late May/early June is the prettiest for your garden because of all the beautiful roses starting to bloom!!  Check out these gorgeous petals…


peachpink redroselg redrose2 pinkrose peachrose2 peachrose


Most of these beauties are English Heirloom roses, with the exception of one…the verrry light pink one is an Iceland Rugosa Rose–the oldest type of rose there is.

Not only are they beautiful, they smell wonderful too. :)  So don’t forget to stop and smell your roses!!

Inspiration: Audrey Hepburn

Inspiration: Audrey Hepburn


Audrey Hepburn IS the ultimate style icon.  Simple, graceful, beautiful.

$3 Bargain

Hats.  I have many, but always neglect to wear them.  Well, the other day while at Target, I found this colorful straw fedora for just $3!!  MAJOR score.  I think a straw fedora adds a little bit of ‘cool’ to any casual outfit.  I’ll be sure not to neglect wearing this one througout this summer.

strawfedora hips1 hips2 closeups






Neon orange top from Dillard’s.  Green bracelets from H&M.  Sandals from Aldo, similar here.  Necklace from Anthropologie.



The weather the past week or two has been absolutely lovely.  I’ve been able to spend many recent days in shorts, and <gasp> sleeveless shirts.  I know, big deal, right? Well, I’m quite the freeze baby… so I enjoy when my body feels warm enough to actually be comfortable in summer clothes.

Tower in the Spring

Headed downtown this morning to cheer in the Cleveland Marathon runners. Got some great pics, including the photogenic Terminal Tower…looking beautiful on this lovely Spring day.

The Great Daisy

The Great Daisy

Jigsaw vintage flapper dress
$495 –

Coast evening jacket
$73 –

Miu Miu platform shoes

Tiffany Co deco jewelry
$10,030 –

Matthew williamson
$600 –


Well, I saw the new The Great Gatsby movie the other day and absolutely loved it.  Of course, I especially loved the costume.   Perhaps because of my love of anything Vintage, period films are always my favorite to watch, solely for the costume.  I’ve always drempt of being a costume designer for films…I think it would be an endless creative opportunity.

Not only did Daisy Buchanan’s costume catch my eye, but so did Jordan Baker’s.  She rocked some awesome cloche hats and bejeweled belts.  And of course Jay Gatsby and his flamboyant  pink suit.



Spring Beauty Trend: Nude Nails

While browsing through some Spring fashion magazines, I came to notice the popularity of nude nails for this season.  To be honest, I’m not a very major nail art connoisseur.  I don’t do my nails often, and when I do it usually is in a pale shade anyway…so I was quite pleased to be informed that nude nails are what’s trending for Spring.  I thought “Oh good, they’re colors I already paint my nails”!

Needless to say, this inspired me to swipe my nails in a beige shade.  The color I chose was L’Oreal #203 in ‘Till the Sun Comes Up’.  This is literally nude… skin tone…like, blends- into- my- hands nude.  At first, I wasn’t sure if I liked how nude this polish actually was…but it’s truly grown on me.  I tend to start picking off my nail polish once is starts to come off, but so far this color has held me back from picking.  Perhaps because it’s not quite as noticable when it starts to chip.

image image image image

What are your favorite pale shades of nail polish?

Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day to my momma, mother-in-law, and to every other mom and mom-to-be!  This is the pic I mentioned in this post.  A picture that my dad snapped, and is probably one of my favorite pictures of my mom…how could I not consider her one of my style icons?




I love her stance in this pic the most.  It’s posed, but not too posed.  But I also really like her outfit.  This photo may have been taken back in the 70’s, but her outfit is so timeless.  Now, in 2013 you’d see someone wear something very similar, no doubt.  Strappy leather sandals, a linen button up, cuffed denim shorts.


Hope you all have a wonderful Mother’s Day! :)





Inspiration: Carrie Bradshaw

Inspiration: Carrie Bradshaw

Layered tulle skirt

Jimmy Choo leather heels

Transparent handbag
$20 –

Carrie Saxl star earrings

CLE Museum of Art

Stopped by the Cleveland Museum of Art the other day, on a beautiful day, no less.  Luckily, that served me well to snap some great pics of the front of the museum…which after a long period of renovation is now finally open for entrance.

fountainThis is a picture of The Fountain of the Waters and University Circle.  It’s absolutely beautiful this time of year with everything starting to bloom.

As we walked in I said, “I don’t remember the last time I came into the museum through this entrance…” But my thought was cut off by the sound of a beautiful choir singing in Latin…or what we thought was a choir.  As we followed the sound of the music into the Read Gallery, we came to realize that it was not actually a choir, but rather a sound installation.  There were 40 speakers set up in a circle as part of this ’40 Part Motet’ exhibit by Janet Cardiff.

I cannot even begin to describe how awesome I thought this exhibit was.  Each person from this choir was recorded individually, so you could literally stand right next to each speaker and hear just that person…but when you stepped back into the circle of speakers, you heard the choir as a whole.  And I’m not sure if it was because they were singing in Latin, and the installation was in the Gallery that holds many Renaissance paintings, but it truly became a very touching experience.  I think for some, even emotional.  I saw one woman just sitting on the bench with her eyes closed, probably just taking it all in.

Unfortunately, I was unable to take any audio and was so caught up in the surprise of this amazing installation that I completely forgot to even take photos.  But you can learn more about it here.  And if you are in the Cleveland area-local or visiting- I highly recommend seeing this exhibit if you can.  It is only at the museum until the 9th of June.


I absolutely love how these photos of our statue of The Thinker turned out.  The original The Thinker by Rodin is in Paris, but there were several bronze casts made that other museums around the world house.  Cleveland is one of those museums. Unfortunately, our statue of The Thinker was the target of some vandalism back in the 70’s, which is why it looks sort of peeled back at the bottom.


I think it’s clear that Cleveland owns the most unique of The Thinker bronze replicas, and that alone should make anyone want to come see our beautiful Art Museum.