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Feeling Moody

Thanks to the wonderful Project Runway, Mood Fabrics has become a travel destination for many visiting the Big Apple.  It is a textile themed candy store for me, personally…as I could literally spend hours browsing all the bolts and conjuring up ideas of new designs and projects.  Here’s a glimpse inside the store (Swatch the dog wasn’t helping out that day ;)) and of some fabric I bought for a Spring wardrobe addition.






I found this blush colored metallic chiffon I thought was pretty awesome, and some striped silk taffeta.  Stay tuned for the ‘after’ post and pictures!! :)

Can You See Me Now?

Neon Yellow!!  What a color, right?  It’s one I’ve always stayed my distance from, but I thought I’d give it another chance in honor of the (hopefully) nearing Spring season.  After all, neon is a pretty tough color to tackle because it’s so noticeable and is generally used for that very purpose…to be seen.  Regardless, I decided to give it a go…so I found some neon fabric, and I made this peplum top and skirt.  And, again with the versatility! Said peplum top and skirt can be worn together, or separately…depending on the amount of oomph the ensemble requires.

Here they are.  Together, and separately.


neonboth neon top neon skirt

I think I did pretty okay at avoiding looking like a highlighter, thanks to accessories.  ;)

I especially love that you get the effect of a dress when the two are paired together…but then it’s almost magical when it’s possible to wear them on their own.

I accessorized all three outfits with the same black pumps and turquoise clutch.  Collage #1: the necklace is one I made a while back, and the belt is a BCBG black stud belt (similar here).  Collage #2: the necklace is from Anthropologie, and the skinny belt and skirt are from H&M.  Collage #3: the top is from H&M, necklace from Dillard’s ( I don’t remember the brand), and the same BCBG belt as #2.

Springing Forward

Well, a few days ago the clocks sprung forward, and also Cleveland got a real taste of Spring.  We reached the 60 degree range which was a lovely surprise…and as an added bonus, it was sunny too!

I love when the weather changes from puffer coat to light jacket appropriate.  It really gets me motivated to check things off the to do list…especially in terms of Spring cleaning. And of course, in making additions to my Spring wardrobe.  This mint green dolman tee was my first Spring wardrobe purchase.  Just a basic $10 tee from Target, but in a warm weather color nonetheless.

image image image

These ankle boots are from DSW.  They were a pair that caught my eye but wasn’t sure how versatile they’d be in my wardrobe.  So far, they’ve added some interest. Here’s a similar pair, without the lace.




Instagram photo.
<3 Ohio. The hubby found this lovely sandstone made by mother nature while laying patio last summer. Pretty awesome find if you ask me. I, of course had to paint a red heart to mark the spot (CLE that is). But we’re not sure what to do with it now…my thought was to add some feet and call it a trivet…and If our creative juices can’t come up with anything else interesting, we can always just mount it on the wall I suppose.


Any suggestions??

The Flatiron

If you want to see some cool architecture, go visit New York City’s the Flatiron building.  It was built in the early 1900’s, finished in 1902 and is such an interesting building.  What is neat about it is how it almost feels like an optical illusion because of its dimensions.


Instagram photo.

It’s called the Flatiron building because, well it resembles a cast-iron clothing iron (especially if looking from above).  And for that, it is an easily recognizable building of NYC, so has made plenty of film and TV cameos.

The Flatiron is on 5th Ave, wedged between East 22nd and Broadway.  Hence the reason it is shaped like a triangle.

The Colors of Spring 2013

The Colors of Spring 2013