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Vintage Finds in NYC

While here in New York, I of course had to visit my favorite vintage store…Beacon’s Closet in Park Slope.  Let me tell you, I was striking gold. While scouring through the racks, I picked up a Giorgio Armani jacket, a couple Paul Smith blazers, a Versace button up, a Rag and Bone sweater, the list goes on…ultimately I went with one of the Paul Smith blazers, and this vintage ‘face’ sweater.

I couldn’t pass up this little sweater.  It just pulled me in.  Her hat and jacket are a fuzzy faux Mohair, and her buttons are little gems.  I was happy to see that I did indeed pack some things that coordinated well with  (and what I shall now refer to as) my ‘face sweater’.

fulll fullfit

PPaired here with a white button up, Jessica Simpson jeggings, crossover bag from Dillard’s, and cowboy boots.  The red scarf to makes her lips pop a little more.

collageswtr bagswtrclose

Isn’t it Grand?

Sorry for the delay in posts! I’m spending a little time in the NYC region, so here’s a couple pics I thought were pretty cool.


THE skyline.


I <3 NY.


 For as many times as I’ve been to the city, this was actually the first I had ever gone to Grand Central Station.  Such a beautiful building.  The architecture is awesome, as all historic NY buildings are.  The inside of Grand Central truly fits its namesake…grand.

More to come soon!

Black, White…and a little red.

Black, White...and a little red.

Alexander McQueen long shirt

Prada genuine leather handbag
$265 –

Lanvin chain necklace
$2,270 –

Prada sunglasses

Red and Pink: The Colors of L<3VE

Happy Valentine’s Day!!  Pink and red are actually a really great color combo.  I think people are just reluctant to wear them together for risk of looking too much like Cupid.  It’s my personal belief that the key to avoiding that is to make sure you’re 1) adding a third, even fourth color in there and 2) you’re not wearing bright red with Pepto Bismol pink.  Otherwise, you’re likely in the clear.

onehip hndear n33

Bright pink Isaac Mizrahi skirt worn with printed silk cami and faux fur collarless coat (two other recent sewing projects of mine).  Navy stud clutch from Dillard’s.  Shoes are Mossimo from Target.

lndwn cltchtopjkt jcktbtcls1 jcktbtmclsr

I made the coat out of faux white fur, then surface designed the bottom to spruce it up a touch.  It looks awfully toasty, but truthfully it’s probably best on 40-50 degree days like today.  It too, was inspired by another one of Carrie Bradshaw’s many many coats.

jckt skrtajst

I also made the cami out of this very pretty floral butterfly printed silk that’s adorned with beads and faux pearls.  Another one of those fabrics I had stockpiled away and just now made use of.


The print reminds me of a Japanese ink painting.


Hope your Valentine’s Days’ are full of love!  And chocolate, of course.  :)


Think Pink

Pink pants that is.  I had this bright pink fabric for a while and had intended to make a blazer out of it, but instead went the high waisted pants route.  I thought maybe they’d be a little more fun as a wardrobe member.

pnkcollage pnkhip1



Worn with my favorite BCBG button up (from a couple years ago).

You know when you have something in your closet you love so much that you barely wear it for risk of staining, ripping, or any sort of tragic incident that could happen??  That’s how this top is for me.  Because, truth be told, this is my second one.  The first one, I (of course!) got an ink stain on it, so I  took this beautifully pleated lovely to the dry cleaner…and that’s when the real tragedy happened.  When I got it back, the pleated sleeves were alll washed out!!! I was heartbroken.  Luckily, the dry cleaner reimbursed me and I was able to buy myself another one.  Needless to say, I’ve been extremely careful at preserving this beloved number.

pnkside pnkhip22 pnkbrsh


Clutch and belt : H&M, gem statement necklace : Anthropologie.

From a Galaxy Far, Far Away

stars HM cover

Galaxy and sparkle, a page from the Winter edition of H&M Magazine.


Galaxy print.  It may just be a trend making a come back, but it’s pretty awesome.  Galaxy print is such a good excuse for a mix of beautiful, mesmerizing colors.

I knew I wanted to make something out of galaxy print…but honestly, I was having trouble finding galaxy printed fabric anywhere.  That is, until I came across this awesome website.  Spoonflower.  They have TONS of prints to choose from that you can order to be screen printed onto fabric, wallpaper, wall decals.  You can either choose and order a print that’s been uploaded by a user, or you can upload your own and have them print it for you.  Pretty awesome.  I found numerous galaxy prints to choose from when I searched it on the website.  There were so many to choose from that I couldn’t decide which I liked best, so I went with one that pretty much incorporated every color imaginable.


I thought the fabric would make a really unique coat, and so another sewing project was born. :)

sidebackfull smile kick

We’ve had some pretty consistent snowfall the past few days, but it made for a good photo backdrop.  The white snow really makes the colors pop.

frontd backfull sideffront front

worn with black sheath dress (H&M), gold sparkle tights (American Apparel), and black over the knee boots (Steve Madden).


Pattern Play

Have you ever met anyone who doesn’t love a bargain?  I mean, really.  Well, this one was quite a deal.  Literally.  This tulip skirt is from Anthropologie, and I remember seeing it in the store at full price and loving it…when I went back around the holidays, I must’ve been in the store at the perfect time because I scored this for, drum roll please…$3.  Oh, yes.  Originally around 100? Something like that.  I was even more pleased after looking at that tag that it also read my size!  Now THAT was what brought it into official bargain territory.


What drew me to this skirt in the first place was the pattern play.  Polka dots and floral.  LOVE it, and of course the floral print is two very vibrant purples.

This skirt was one of those things I looked at and said…’what on earth am I going to wear with this? Ohhh whatever I’ll find something, it’s 3 dollars’.  Glad I
found something. ;)



I paired it with a vibrant purple silk cami I made, and black leather asym zip jacket (Victoria’s Secret).

skrtcollge skrtdwn

Accessories are Betsey Johnson earrings, pewter patent pumps (DSW), and clutch I don’t remember.