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A Day at the Museum

What a beautiful 60 degree day(!!??) in January in the CLE to spend at one of the best museums in the world.  The Cleveland Museum of Art has done some incredible renovations over the past few years, and let me tell you… it is now nothing short of AHmazing.  From the revived architecture to the delicious food from the new Provenance Cafe.  It is definitely a place in CLE that should be frequented by locals and on the to do list for those visiting this mid (not west) city.


The front of the Cleveland Museum of Artmuseumside

This is part of the museum that went under renovation.  The marble building now connects to a more modern glass addition that holds the Impressionist paintings and more contemporary art.


Inside the new atrium.  All original marble.



Bamboo in the atrium.



And here’s my latest sewing project! This lovely tapestry coat.  I actually had the pattern cut out f0r about 3 years! I had been putting it off  to do other projects, and I just got around to actually completing it…and MAN, does it feel good! :) phew!



laugh look1 goofy downlook

Paired with skinnies, ruffle button up (the Limited), Aldo boots, made the necklace.


We had lunch at the Provenance Cafe inside the museum, which was outstanding.  The hubby had a Claybread sandwich (they make the bread in this circular clay oven) and garlic fries.  Mom and I had Thai Chicken skewers with cilantro rice and veggies.






For dessert, we had some equally as outstanding macaroons…raspberry chocolate, pistachio, and salted caramel. YUM!



Cleveland’s Art Museum has an extensive collection of works by our most studied artists in history.  Like Monet and his water lilies…


Picasso’s La Vie…


Picasso (Bull Skull, Fruit, Pitcher)


Jackson Pollock…






And of course, Andy Warhol :)

So if you ever find yourself lost in Cleveland thinking you need something to do, make sure to drop by the art museum and make a day of it ( maybe a couple of days is more realistic!) Museum’s are such wonderful places for peace, beauty, inspiration… because let’s face it, life needs art.

Boots and Blue

Remember the grey Sorel boots I posted about a couple months ago?  Well, I quite literally have not been able to wear any other boots on a daily basis.  I Love them!! BUT, I decided I needed to get out of my one pair of boots routine, so I put on these brown leather beauties (I call them my pirate boots because of the foldover edge) for a little change.  I bought them at an ALDO store about 5 years ago in London.  I am going to try my hardest to switch up my boot choices throughout the rest of the season.  After all, why do I have (too) many pair of boots if I’m only giving one pair all the attention??

bluepnt1 bluepntkick bluepntside bluepntclseprs bluepnt4 bluepnt3 bluepnt22

I’m really loving the way the cognac shade of the boots looks against the blue pants.  They complement each other nicely.

Worn with blue skinnies –similar here– (Target), beaded scalloped tank (Dillard’s), boyfriend blazer –similar here-(H&M), necklace (made it).


Let’s Do the Charleston!

Meet my latest sewing project.  This 20’s inspired hat.  This was actually the first time I tried my sewing hand at any kind of millinery, and I quite enjoyed it. :)  The 20’s is probably one of my favorite decades of fashion.  It was really a turning point for women in fashion history.  Hemlines shortened (fun fact: hemlines trends vary depending on economic health), as did hair, waistlines dropped, and women threw away their corsets and went shopping in their husband’s closets  (Thanks to Mademoiselle Coco Chanel).  Women were discovering themselves.  They were discovering their personal styles.






As a tribute to 20’s fashion, I sort of revolved my outfit around my 20’s inspired hat.  Worn with vintage mink coat, embroidered/sequined tank (Express), pink pleated tulle skirt (used to be a dress), silver mesh clutch, and necklace (Anthropologie).







What’s your favorite fashion decade? :)

Burberry from Brooklyn

Here in Cleveland, we were brought some rather unseasonal weather this weekend.  It was surprising we didn’t break any records at 61 degrees on January 12th.  According to the newspaper, the warmest was in 1890 at 69 degrees!  Honestly, there were moments where I had to remind myself it was still January.  But now all that snow we got around Christmas is for the most part melted, and Cleveland’s ready for another wintery blast , which I’m sure is in the upcoming forecast.

So, speaking of winter (not the unseasonal kind), I brought out my Burberry skirt because it (usually) suits the season…as well as my Burberry Brit fragrance.  The fragrance is pretty heavy and is perfect for this time of year.  This skirt was another one of my vintage scores.  I don’t remember exactly how much it was, but I got it from Beacon’s Closet in Brooklyn (NY).  I was absolutely enamored with this vintage store when I first visited it…I found so many great things! I think I bought about 6 things (including the Burberry skirt) for about $70!



Worn with H&M dot shirt, (similar one here); necklace from Dillard’s, (similar one here);  boots from DSW, (similar here), clutch from Target (long time ago).



When buying pieces with patterns, take a look at the seams.  The pattern should match on both sides of the seams.  That’s usually a big indicator of quality.




Bill Blass Coat, Round 3

Remember the Bill Blass coat that I altered?  Well, here it is as part of an actual outfit.  I absolutely love finding vintage gems and giving them life again, and I’m very happy that I was able to fix up this coat and give her another life, hopefully she has many years ahead of her in my closet. ;)

I know I  have a whole lot a color going on… but, just because it’s winter and bitter cold doesn’t mean we all have to dress in gray, black, and navy the whole season. Plus, playing with color is always a good way to experiment with new outfit ideas.  Unlikely combinations usually turn out to be the best ones.




I can’t remember where I got the clutch, but I do remember it being a bargain.  I love the bright pink and turquoise together.


I made the necklace a very long time ago.



Worn with bright pink tulle tutu dress from H&M (a few years back), light turquoise skinny belt (also H&M a few years back).

The CALLIE Diaries…

If I were asked to name my style icons, I wouldn’t be naming celebrities…I’d be naming the characters they played on TV,  or in movies.  Until a couple of years ago,  I had only seen a few episodes of Sex and the City…but once I saw the movie I knew I needed to own the series ASAP.  If not for the witty innuendoes, then DEFINITELY for the amazing fashion.  Patricia Field’s work  is incredibly influential to me.  Carrie Bradshaw quickly became a new found style icon of mine.  I adore just about everything she wears throughout the SATC series (movies too)!

For those of you who have been following my blog, or who may know me personally, know how much of a jacket/coat girl I am.   I am always on the hunt for a great blazer, unique jacket or coat, etc.  With that being said, there are two ‘Carrie coats’ that I absolutely love.

1) The infamous long fur coat (which detaches to become short, fyi)!

2) The unknown white surface designed one from Season 3, ‘Where’s the Smoke’? episode.







(apologies for quality of the pictures, this is what happens when I’m watching the episode and trying to pause it at just the right moment to get a decent pic).

Well, it just so happened that a few weeks ago while perusing a local vintage store (Chelsea’s of Lakewood), I came across this B-E-A-utiful mink coat for $65.  Yep. You read right.  Mink. $65.  I had to do a little minor repair to the lining, but other than that it was a MAJOR score.  I was giddy with excitement.  And also a little in shock-as this purchase has now gone down in Callie Vintage Shopping history as THE best find of all time.  Also, I found my very own fur Carrie coat. :))

This second one, I immediately fell in love with once I saw the “Where’s the Smoke”? episode.  It caught my eye instantly.  <<For a little Callie background: since I was playing with Barbie dolls, if I was watching a show or movie and saw an outfit, or dress, necklace, whatever that caught my attention…from that moment I was on the quest to try and mimic it.  Whether that was finding the closest alternative at a retailer, or making my own version (for my own personal use/sense of accomplishment).  Making my own version was the case when I laid my eyes on this amazing Carrie coat.


Pic Stitch collages.  Vintage fur coat worn with H&M polka dot dress.  Tracey Reese for Neiman Marcus/Target collection, belt also from Target, blue suede shoes- Gianni Bini (Dillard’s).


I am extremely pleased with how my version turned out.  I made the coat itself out of a wool/acrylic felt, then did a little surface design of my own with trims/fabric…mostly scraps and extra fabric I had no other use for.  I knew I saved them for a reason! ;)

PS Can’t wait for the upcoming new show on the CW, ‘The Carrie Diaries’ based on the prequel series to SATC.  I will definitely be tuning into that next week! :))

Polka Dots, a Peplum, and Chevron

Polka Dots, a Peplum, and Chevron

Coast long sleeve shirt
$63 –

Emilio pucci
$2,400 –