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Decorative Pillows

I’m a creative sort.  I love to design and sew, I like to make jewelry, I like to sketch and paint, make ornaments, I like to decorate and upholster…pretty much anything.  I guess you could refer to me as ‘a jack of all creative trades’.  ;)   So yesterday, I decided to make some decorative pillows.  Here’s how they turned out…(before I stitched the ends closed)!

I’m really into hunter green and gold together as a color combo for the home.  Together, they make a very regal impression.

I’ll try to remember to post more (and some better) pics when I’ve put them to decorating use. :)

Those Classic C’s

Classic. Those two interlocking C’s.  You can never go wrong with Chanel, am I right?  There isn’t a piece of clothing in the world that  couldn’t be enhanced for the better with a little Chanel.  I got this Chanel bag maybe 5 years ago, and haven’t debuted it yet.  Yeah, I know…that sounds like a crime, I can hear you all yelping out ‘WHY’?!  But I’m that kind of person who -in reality- would like to have these beautiful fashion things stored away in a glass case instead of risking the chance of staining, ruining, or losing said fashion thing.  Yes, I know I need to get over this little phobia.  For what is the point, if not to wear it until threads start ripping at the seams??  Maybe I should make this a New Year’s Stylution.


Worn with H&M sweater and leggings with faux leather knee detail; wedge booties from DSW a couple years ago.

Faux pearl earrings from Dillard’s; BCBG stud belt.

Apologies for the fuzzy pictures…I’ve been having some camera issues lately, so I’m now in the market for one.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated :)

Look out for more of this bag in the future. ;)



A History of Cleveland Shopping…

Local Clevelanders, past Clevelanders, visitors of Cleveland, or future visitors of Clevelanders…Check out my guest post over at This Is My Cleveland!  I wrote a post on the history, and future of shopping in Cleveland.  Because, well…Tis the season! ;)

Stylish Winter Boots

Just got my new winter boots!! :)) I’m so excited for these awesome Sorel boots (there’s also a short style…) because they’re not only warm, but actually very stylish.  I was super excited when I came across them on Pinterest because a few weeks ago I saw a woman in Target wearing them.   I really regretted not going up to her and asking her where they were from.  And frankly, I’m not sure why I didn’t because I have no shame in asking, or telling random strangers I like what they’re wearing and  to please tell me where I can find it. :D  So, you can only imagine how happy I was when they were right there, staring at me on my Pin Feed…or whatever you’re supposed to call it.

So here they are…


I’m not sure what’s cooler about them…that they have a spectacular mix of textures–rubber and leather, or that they have stirrups and look like spats.  I guess both features are equally as cool ;)

I can’t wait to experiment with these babies as the season gets chillier.

A Fall Classic

Fall is indeed my favorite fashion season.  Don’t get me wrong, Spring and Summer also have their fair share of cute clothes…but I’m a layering kinda girl.  I like my layers.  Plus, I’m a serious freeze baby.  As I’ve said before, jackets are probably (one of) my favorite ‘fashion things’ about fall.  Really, sometimes all you need is a good jacket.  Great fit, great look- great style.  Which also includes those classics–like a black leather (or faux leather, whichever your preference) jacket.

Mine’s a moto jacket with an asymetrical zip that I found from Victoria’s Secret.  I find that they’re best if you want to wear it as an outerwear jacket, or as just a jacket that gives off the same effect as a blazer.

Worn with Michael Kors button up…(obviously the buttons are the coolest part of this basic white button up).  Earrings are Betsey Johnson.  Scarf is Preston and York.

Bag from a market in London.  Slouchy suede boots: Arturo Chiang.

Valentino Accessories

Valentino Accessories

Haider Ackermann collarless blazer
$875 –

Valentino turquoise shoes

Valentino turquoise shoes

Valentino leather clutch handbag
$1,805 –

Weather or Not

This Cleveland weather has been teetering as usual this time of year.  This past weekend, it was nearly 70 degrees, and now we’re back to normal seasonal temperatures in the 40’s.  I will say, it’s throwing me off a little bit- with both my sinuses and my outerwear decisions.  It’s that weird weather that’s chilly, but if it’s sunny you almost don’t even need a very heavy jacket. Today I decided to stick with my dusty rose colored coat from J. Crew I got a couple years ago. It’s heavy enough to stay warm in the shade, but also so you’re not boiling in the sun.

I love that the lining has this little bit of a chartreuse to contrast with the pink.  We can always count on J. Crew for their color play… This coat is a fave of mine from their 2012 fall/winter season.

Not sure where the gloves are from, I took them from my mom :)  Bag is from a market in London; boots, Arturo Chiang;

 I like jewelry that’s got an element of fun like these earrings from Fossil.  Betsey Johnson also makes some really fun jewelry; leopard top from Dillard’s.

Fall <3

Fall &lt;3

Belstaff leather jacket
$2,700 –

High heels

Prada handbag
$2,150 –

Onyx bracelet