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Wedding Wear

I love going to weddings to celebrate, and I love that going to weddings lets you get dressed up for the day.  I wore this Dorothy Perkins mesh polka dot dress to a wedding yesterday.  I’ve always been iffy about wearing black to weddings, mostly because it’s a joyous occassion and color adds to the joy!!  But, the great thing about a black dress is that you can really experiment and make it fun.  An LBD is a great ‘blank canvas’, if you will.

So, with this Dorothy Perkins number, I added some pops of color with my bright blue shoes and neon yellow clutch and earrings.  ( 2 bright colors that complement each other nicely).

blue pumps are Gianni Bini from Dillard’s

Earrings and clutch from H&M

A Bride, A Beach, and Some Books

Hello! I know it’s been a while and I’m sorry, but I was busy getting married!! :))  I thought I’d post a glimpse of my dress (designed and constructed by myself and my mom) because I plan on doing a little something else about it all to share with everyone.

I also want to share a couple travel photos.  We ventured off to Cape Cod for a few days after the wedding, so here are a few from there.

This beach was in Truro.  Probably the most breathtaking beach I’ve ever been to in my entire life…the view is absolutely amazing.  All you see is ocean in front of you, and behind you are 100+ Ft sand dunes.

This is one of those sand dunes…(note the small dot near the bottom of the hill…that was an older man exercising up and down the steep hill down to the ocean, MAJOR props to him, it was exausting going up just once!).

Down the dune…and unfortunately the only way back up! x-[

I loved how romantic of a photo op this was…a kind of hidden treasure book shop on the main street in Provincetown.

Now that Fall is pretty much full swing, I PROMISE I will be posting some new fall looks ASAP.

Stay tuned!! :))

Wearing White…after Labor Day!?

I realize that it is the year 2012, and that by now Fashion has indeed reached a point where ‘there are no rules’.  But my question is, what about the ‘no white after Labor Day’ rule?  Do people still follow that one?  Speaking for myself, I know I do–BUT only for bottoms.  I think it’s perfectly fine to continue wearing white tops.  It’s the white skinny pants that look kind of funny in say, November?  But what about some of the other ‘rules’? Like the no brown and black rule? I break that one too. (it has to be done right-your browns can’t be tooo dark) Or, the ‘no navy and black’ rule?  I’ve broken that one as well, because for a brief period in very recent Fashion history, it was considered chic to wear navy and black together…but again, if done right.  Well, I’d say if there’s one place where the rules are indeed meant to be broken, that would most definitely be in the wonderful world of Fashion.

wearing beaded, flapper inspired Hazel tank, white H&M blazer, nude pumps from Target.

metallic color block clutch from Target