Monthly Archives: May 2012

Dressy or Casual?

I know that fashion really doesn’t have rules anymore and that ‘anything goes’ but little old fashioned me likes to still abide by the no white before memorial day rule.

I really like to experiment with the versatility of my clothes.  So here are 2 different ways to wear the same top combo with white bottoms.

First up, a ‘wear to work’ get up.  White pencil skirt with some comfy strappy wedges.

Now we all know those work places tend to get chilly when the weather gets toasty.  So why not add a fun little cardigan? This cardigan, by the way, is my newest closet obsession.  It’s from Target by their newest guest brand, The Webster at Target.  I’ll admit, it was a little bit of an impulsive purchase, but hey, sometimes those turn out to be the really good ones.  I’ve been wearing this little number everywhere, and in many different ways.  Dressed up, dressed down…either way this color block sweater has got some surprising versatility.

Now for the casual, ‘let’s run some errands and grab lunch’ combo.  White skinny jeans and neon coral! canvas slip ons.

The top is just the same.  But the skinny jeans and more casual change of shoes give it a totally different vibe.

These neon coral shoes have also been one of my latest closet obsessions.  Also from Target, and just so happen to coordinate with the cardigan ;)  They are pretty bright…but hey, this season is the brighter the better!

Strong Case of…BRIGHTS FEVER

I have Bright fever. I’m very into brights this spring. Normally, I’m a neutral palette sort of gal-with pops of color here and there- but lately, I’ve been going for the all-over color effect.

It seems bright colors really do put you in a happier mood…maybe when you look at happy colors, your brain releases endorphins. Just a thought. :) Someone should research that. ;)

Coral is a great color.  It seems like it comes and goes with popularity, even though it’s a rather universally flattering color.  If that’s the case, why doesn’t coral deserve the spotlight a little more often? I say, bring on the coral!

Coral skirt: made by me; knit top: Dillard’s; mint tank: Target; Betsey Johnson earrings.

I used to be reluctant to wearing these kind of oversized tops with fear of boxy unflattery.  But last year, I decided to give them a go and was pleasantly surprised at how flattering this knit number was.  When shopping for oversized tops, look at the shape- the type of sleeve, sleeve length, how cropped the top is, etc…don’t go for one that resembles your dad’s college tshirt.  The point is to find one that still shows off your shape and doesn’t hide it under a piece of fabric cut into something that sort of looks like a pillowcase with armholes.  Look for tops with dolman sleeves, or batwing sleeves-those styles tend to look the greatest on just about everyone.

Oh look, another one, hehe :) But in gorgeous cobalt blue… another awesome color.  Who could say no to this bright beauty??

Top: Dillard’s (where I have decent luck finding these kinds of tops); skirt: H&M; shoes: Gianni Bini (Dillard’s); Dooney and Bourke pink patent bag; necklaces: made by me.

Dillard’s is the star of the show today! or blog post, rather.  Belt: H&M; shoes: Dillard’s; necklace: made by me.

This bright tomato red is clearly so bright that in the picture, you can’t even see the little ruffle on the skirt, the pigments just blend together apparently.  Regardless, tomato red is just another beautifully bright color to try on this spring/summer.

Disclaimer: It’ll probably make you happy. :)

Dress Obsessed

Sometimes I wonder how all these dresses collected in my closet…but, maybe it’s that I am hypnotized by their lovely features and find myself lusting after them until they are mine.  And then presto! Their new home is my closet.

I’ve recently discovered Dorothy Perkins, thanks to Pinterest…and really liked most of their dresses…next thing I know, I ordered two.  But, it’s ok because they are actually very reasonably priced.

Dress 1: This color is awesome.  Turquoise is everywhere for this Spring.  Other than the color, I also love the skirt detail on this dress.  I’m not sure what the technical term for the design would be- and although it’s similar, it’s not quite a peplum.

I had to laugh at this picture because of my cats glowing eyes.  They’re a little freaky though!

Dress 2: How could anyone NOT love this one!?  It’s a fun variation of an LBD…modern but also kind of retro.  And it has polka dots!  A+ in my book.

Happy dress shopping! :)