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Beautiful Bag

Here it is.  My new Brahmin bag.  The Vivian Color Block.  Brahmin is a U.S. company based out of Massachusetts since 1982.  They make beautifully constructed bags out of  equally beautiful materials.   These bags are bags that you can be sure to have forever and always.

I try to buy myself at least one really good bag every year, because let’s face it…good bags are almost always a decent amount of money, so I’d say every year is a good time bracket for updates.  So, this year Brahmin was my first and foremost choice.  I’ve always wanted one and always stare at them in the stores, so I decided to just do it.  This was THE ONE for this year.

I almost felt like just putting this beauty away in a display case because I’m afraid I’ll dirty it up too much… because, it is white and knowing me, I’ll inevitably spill, splash, or dump something that stains and is unremovable on this bag.  BUT, it is worth the risk, because I’d rather show off this baby than keep her hidden from the world.

I immediately fell in love with this bag.  It’s so simple but still makes a statement.

Today I chose a rather casual outfit to wear with my new bag, although it can easily be dressed up or down.

Worn here with Mossimo skinnies from Target; Converse; <3 Ohio tee by American Apparel.

Spots and Dots, 3 Different Ways

First of all, Thank You So much to Fashionwidget for reblogging my post, THE Red Jacket.  For some more fashion insight, click on over to this wordpress blog.

In honor of my blog’s namesake, I decided to do a post of spots and dots.  So I took a gander through my closet to find what spots and dots I could put into a few different outfits.

polka dot cardigan: Forever21; wide leg pants: New York and Co.; leopard print scarf: vintage hand me down.

dotted top: H&M; satin weave skirt: H&M; black stud belt: BCBG

spotted top: Dillard’s; basic black pencil skirt: H&M; dotted tights: H&M; straw hat: Dad’s

Fear Not!! Experiment with prints.  A lot of prints complement eachother nicely, it’s all in how you put it together.

THE Red Jacket

According to this months Glamour Magazine, a Red Jacket is a must have for the Spring Season that just might already be in your closet waiting for a debut. It is a truly versatile piece.  Wear it with a basic tee and jeans, dress pants, or a flowy feminine dress.  However you choose to wear a red jacket, it adds a pop of color to any outfit.

My red jacket of choice is from H&M…(Yes, H&M is one of my favorite stores…they offer trendy, yet contemporary pieces at very reasonable prices…one of the better ‘Fashion for Less’ kind of stores).

Worn here with a basic white tee, skinnies (Target), Anchor printed scarf (World Market<-A really GREAT place for scarves and unique accessories), and navy/pleather studded bag (also Target).

What I love about this red jacket is that it’s double breasted, it’s got a contrasting lining of navy blue, and it was only 35 dollars.  Sounds good to me. :o)

Oui Mademoiselle!!

I’m attracted to all things French. or French inspired.  Perhaps it’s genetic disposition, or maybe it’s all the “pretty things” the French tend to produce.

That being said…this outfit was French inspired.

Silk Stripe Blazer: Miss Selfridges; blush tunic: H&M; jeggings; Jessica Simpson; suede slouch boots: Arturo Chang-Dillards; Infinity Scarf: Express; Belt; BCBG

This is my other favorite belt :) very versatile.

When in Doubt, Add a Blazer

I love blazers.  They’re staples.  They up the anty on any outfit-or give an otherwise simple outfit that little something extra.

Alright…the “leggings as pants” debate.  Leggings as pants are okay if: they are a double knit, and black or a dark color, and if the top and or jacket you are wearing them with covers your butt.  Leggings with a tiny little tee-shirt are not okay.

On a related note, I once saw a girl shopping who was wearing white leggings as pants.  Not a good day to wear  pink polka dot underwear.  Just saying.

Love, love, LOVE this beaded belt from Anthropologie.  It’s so intricate and I love how the beading and slightly scalloped edges make it feminine but the dark brown leather closure gives it that little bit of roughness.

blazer and white button up tunic: H&M; belt: Anthropologie; combat boots: Aturo Chang-Dillards.